Psycop Partners

Psycop Partners

Psycop Partners Featuring two PsyCop novels Among the Living and Criss Cross this volume will leave you on the edge of you seat wanting In Among the Living Victor is a PsyCop also known as a member of the Parano

  • Title: Psycop Partners
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781935540373
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Featuring two PsyCop novels, Among the Living and Criss Cross, this volume will leave you on the edge of you seat, wanting In Among the Living, Victor is a PsyCop, also known as a member of the Paranormal Investigation team He s not popular with the living, as most people consider him a little odd, but the ghosts of violent crimes can t wait to tell him all about thFeaturing two PsyCop novels, Among the Living and Criss Cross, this volume will leave you on the edge of you seat, wanting In Among the Living, Victor is a PsyCop, also known as a member of the Paranormal Investigation team He s not popular with the living, as most people consider him a little odd, but the ghosts of violent crimes can t wait to tell him all about their deaths His new case pairs him with Jacob, a non psychic who works in sex crimes Victor and Jacob have a history, and as they and work together to solve a set of serial crimes, they begin to explore the possibilities of a future The case is like nothing they ve ever experienced, and soon Victor finds that he s the only one who can solve the crime, and save Jacob s life If he s not too late In Criss Cross, Vic figures life is pretty good He s got his lover, Jacob He s got some time off to go fishing, and his new partner in the Paranormal Investigation Team buys the coffee Naturally, nothing that good can last When Vic starts to see ghosts everywhere, things go very wrong, resulting in a trip to his doctor, who says he s got problems Vic s friends tell Jacob he has to leave for Vic to get better, sex is starting to get dangerous, and Vic s abilities are getting out of hand Can he and Jacob figure out what s happening in time to save Vic from becoming a pawn in a dangerous game

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      311 Jordan Castillo Price
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    You know that moment when you read the first book in a series, and you do a little happy dance because you just discovered something amazing?I'm so there right now. The only thing better than reading this book was the realization that there is a whole series ready and waiting for me :)It was a stupid idea anyway, trying to scare off a demon by putting him in a bubble like Glenda the Good Witch. What I needed was to a house to drop on him. It is rare for a book to hook me as quickly as this one d [...]

    "PsyCop: Partners" by Jordan Castillo Price is an amazing book. Sure, it was published in the ebook form first but contrary to for example Kayelle Allen's book, this one rocks. It's a sci-fi detective/cop story written from the 1st POV of Vic Bayne, a PsyCop and certified Medium who can hear dead people.In this book's universe, Mediums are recognized and certified and they work in special squads called the PsyCops. Every PsyCop has a non-psychic partner, the so called Stiff. Together they solve [...]

    This was a book WAY out of my usual comfort zone, but due to a friends recomendation I gave it a shot and although I enjoyed aspects of it, I really found other bits uncomfortable and I think that is more to do with me than the writer. This was my first m/m book(s). I say books since its two stories in one. I enjoyed the premise and the actual storyline and plots, especially in the second book were rather good. I liked the main character and could relate to him. The fact that he was gay never re [...]

    DNFI don`t know how many times I tried to get into this story thinking it has to be something special.But - 20 pages max. and I`m out. Can`t stand the writing, the characters, the story.darn it!

    Actually, I'm re-reading this. I've got a couple of the sequels on my Kindle, and I need to brush up my Price. *g*I have to admit I'm a sucker for the way she ended Among the Living. Highly recommended. *g*

    Among the Living I am a total sucker for M/M cop stories. I just am. I admit it. And I found Vic and Jacob a wonderful combo—one so willing to pursue and one barely keeping up with the idea of being pursed, but not resisting either. I also liked that the language was real and not glossed for PCness. How do I express this? At one point, for example, Vic states that a room was full of black boys. But as a reader you understood that this was nothing more than a physical description of the people [...]

    I've always loved books where the characters had use of more than just the normal five senses. Call them psychics, or whatever, they always fascinated me. I always wanted to have powers like that, just like I always wanted to run off and join the circus, or mutate and join the X-Men. Reading books like this, lets me have that fantasy back for just a little while. Not to mention the fact that it has to beautiful men banging each others brains out. That always puts a grin on my face. All in all th [...]

    This was such a joyous, ridiculous piece of erotica and I loved every single page of it. Still, it's not great literature, for sure.

    4.5 of 5 stars – Fascinating Start of My PsyCop Love Affair.This was an engaging, raw, realistic (what I'll coin as a) "paranormal noir," with the wonderful twist of the MC being gay and having paranormal abilities put to use in his detecting job. This first and second in the series was an exciting start of what has become a favorite series of mine. Yet, for those interested, they also worked well as standalones - they had a self-contained mystery with a conclusive ending, but also introduced [...]

    Funny narration and plots just shy of really creepyWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 9/10PROS: - Vic is an absolute mess. He’s addicted to prescription medication, he’s obsessive about seemingly innocuous things, ghosts not only talk to him but seek him out and practically stalk him, and he’s awkward and unsure of himself and utterly convinced of his own uselessness. In spite of all of that, he’s one of the most likeable characters I’ve ever [...]

    PsyCop: Partners was one of those books that came with all these glowing "you've got to read it" recommendations and after I finished it I thought actually, no I didn't. It's also one of those books where the secondary characters are a damn-sight more interesting than the main ones. Basically it's a psychic cop/non psychic cop fuck buddy story. The psychic cop, Victor Bayne spends almost all of the book in some sort of drugged stupor in order to not see or deal with the ghosts who talk to him an [...]

    Victor Bayne is the psychic member of a PsyCop unit, a team with a psychic and a non-psychic to balance each other out. He is a level-five medium, and hears the dead, even sees them every once in a while, but they can get quite bothersome. So what does Vic do? Self-medicate, obviously. A new drug has been developed to keep the ghosties away, at least for a short time, and Vic uses it religiously, claiming that it has nothing to do with the high that comes along with silence of the voices.At his [...]

    “Partners” is a combination of the first two novellas, “Beyond the Living” and “Criss Cross”.Paranormal Romance/Horror/Suspense. Jordan Castillo Price is a master of this crazy genre she writes. I have never read anything quite like her work, and it gets me every time.It's her gritty language. It's her way of weaving plot and drama effortlessly. It's her protagonist work. It’s her imperfect sex. It's her humor. It's her darkness. The world building is excellent and real, Price’s [...]

    I’ll try to keep this short and sweet since other reviewers with similar ratings have said it better but I really wanted to like this more than I did. The plot, while interesting, was weighed down by main characters that weren’t really likeable. Victor, the narrator and psychic (he can see dead people) of the story, came off as whiny and sullen rather than just weary of his ability and grew steadily more dislikeable as time went on. Jacob, his lover, was rather bland and seemed to be there o [...]

    Expanding this review to includes the entire Psy-Cop series. Got the first two anthologies right before taking off to Vermont for a long Turkey Day stay with family. Thank heavens I did, SkiResort but No Snow - forgot my passport so visiting Montreal was out too. If I do not have at least six books waiting to read I panic so I purchased the rest of the series via Kindle to curb my anxiety of being stuck with nothing worth reading. Did the family things and managed to read the entire series to da [...]

    I'm so glad I waited to get a copy of this from the library instead of purchasing Kindle copies of the two. I would have cursed and spit at money wasted!It's not that the stories were bad. They weren't. However the pacing was off for me (they are really quite short) and if I'm going to read erotica, it's important for me to find the descriptions of the characters slightly attractive, which I didn't. Seriously, if there weren't so many descriptions of Jacob's muscles, and if there were more ghost [...]

    So this is the first two books in this series. Book one,Among the Living, is a novella. Introducing us to Victor and his psychic abilities. Of course we also meet Jacob the hot "stiff". Criss Cross draws us deeper into this world filled with psycops. With a little help from his psychic friends, ghosts and hot lover -Victor saves himself from a psychotic doctor trying to use him to control ghosts.

    Oh drool! Exactly what I like most. People being people. Even in crazy situations. Even with "alternate" lifestyles. Even with psychic powers. Wait. Especially with psychic powers. God-like psychics who solve everything on their own are boring. Vic is a cop just trying to get by, and maybe someday find someone to love. And what do I like even more in books like this? Authors who do it right.This is a good one. A little thin - the book is basically two novellas together - but still very, very goo [...]

    Contains two short stories, this book is pretty light and easy to digest. It didn't take long for me to finish. It's not hardcore sleuth/police procedural. The mystery is not really deep. I do like the main characters. Victor and Jacob are cute together (though they cannot top my favorite gay couples in gay sleuth books: Adrien and Jake :p). I think I'll probably buy the next book as well (which contains the rest 2 stories). More of 3.5 stars

    Very interesting set of characters, contains explicit male/male erotica. The psycop of the title is a man who is a medium (he sees ghosts). Ms. Price has created a fascinating and well-drawn world set in current times, but definitely an alternate universe to our own. Good speculative fiction mixed with good gay fiction -- the relationships between all of the characters develops and deepens over the course of the novels. Highly recommended.

    This book is the first in a three book series of great books. Vic and his lover Jacob are the two main characters. Vic is fairly messed up from his training in ESP and his ability to see ghosts. He is half of a Paranormal Investigation Team. The other half of the team is a non-psychic detective to balance things. Jacb is any gay man's wet dream while Vic is a skinny pill popper that excels at his job. The stories are quick reads and the sex is hot.

    Well. After tearing through the Channeling Morpheus series, I guess I'm just set on reading all of JCP's books. First, I gotta say, I've never been a huge fan of paranormal stories. They're okay, but usually leave me going, "Ehhhh." Not the case at all with this series. I found it (amazingly) believable, well written, hot, tense, funny It's a fantastic read and I can't wait to finish the series.

    Among the Living was not quite as awesome and amazing as I remember it being the first time. Criss Cross was just as good, though. Can't wait to finish my re-read so I can get to GhosTV! I feel like I've been waiting for it forever.*Note - I made a work friend read this book and she LOVED it. I've gotten her hooked. Please add some points to my Peer Pressure Wench meter.

    These two stories had me page turning. The antihero narrator kept my interest and my sympathy even when making stupid decisions. The mystery plots were a bit thin and the supernatural elements were not extremely consistent. There was a little bit of police procedural flavoring but not much and the Chicago setting got shortchanged I thought. The gay romance/porn interludes were fun and hot.

    a fun and well written read. Surprises after every turn, well developed characters, that you could believe their world was real. Reading a book with a happy (as much as life can offer) ending is a reward in it's self. This is a book about the future and the uses a psychic and non-psychic police to solve crimes. It was believable and what more do you want from fiction anyway?

    Victor Bayne, you are my hero!you manage to be clumsy, overly medicated, ironic, awkward and scorching hot at the same time. I love you! It's been almost 2 years since I first read this and it was a joy to re-read. A truly amazingly good book. Kudos to Ms Price!

    I jumped into the psycop series with book 7 by mistake. So I'm happy to go read from the start. It was a good story and I loved the grittiness of the story. So I'm happy to move on to this book series in order now.

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