F She thought herself a robot defective and unique among her kind until he taught her how to live again F exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her An instinct for survival make

  • Title: F814
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781927459010
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • She thought herself a robot, defective and unique among her kind, until he taught her how to live again.F814 exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her An instinct for survival makes her fight, but when she achieves freedom, she discovers she cannot throw off the chains of habit Everything changes when another flesh covered droid arrives, a cyborg he cShe thought herself a robot, defective and unique among her kind, until he taught her how to live again.F814 exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her An instinct for survival makes her fight, but when she achieves freedom, she discovers she cannot throw off the chains of habit Everything changes when another flesh covered droid arrives, a cyborg he calls himself, who teaches her she is than a machine.Solus hates humanity, and even though he was born as a flawed human, he strives to eradicate all traces of it from his persona until he meets F814 Meeting and touching her releases something in him Has him yearning for things he doesn t understand Makes him long for affection.Before he can learn to love though, he must first tackle the task of reminding F814 that she is than the sum of her mechanical parts But of course, when dealing with an illogical thing like emotions, there is no sure plan for success.

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      116 Eve Langlais
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    Psssst. I have a secret. I LOVE Eve Langlais!Okay, so not a huge secret. :) I'm pretty sure I've pointed out that little tidbit a few times. I just can't help it. Her books make me laugh hysterically, make me cry (I don't usually do tears), and last, but certainly not least, they are hot! Everything I ever wanted in erotic romance is a sure thing when it comes to Ms. Langlais. F814 hit the mark.The book synopsis is pretty spot on so, I don't feel the need to spoil any of the goodies for you. Jus [...]

    Review originally posted at RabidReads.In this sequel to the cyborg series, it starts off with F814. She is a droid working in a mining camp. She is different from all the other droids in that she has this humanoid type body that can’t take all of the abuse that the other droids can. She works hard to hide that she has any feelings, that is until she hears that she is set for termination. That doesn’t go over very well and let’s just say that the humans are the ones that are terminated. Sh [...]

    Yes! these are the droids I'm looking for!!!!! Liked it less than the first one but still good~~~

    3 StarsThe cyborgs found out in the first book, C791, that there were 13 females created. (Only 12 are left.) Solus and a select group of cyborgs were sent out to find them. In this story F814 was sent to a mining company on an astroid where she's working as a mining slave and is used by the one in charge as a sex bot. After too many lashes with electricity her last reboot has started to make her self aware. Like what happened with Joe with the EMP in C791, she's aware she's more than just a dro [...]

    F814 is a female robot who exists to serve her human owners on a mining asteroid. Though treated worse than any other droid she consistently works harder and longer hours without fail so it's unclear why an order to terminate her is issued. The mining foreman decides to use F814's body one last time before carrying out his orders. Little does he realize that F814 is really a cyborg who has slowly evolved into having independent thought processes and doesn't agree with the termination directive.S [...]

    F814 is a great continuation to a great sci fi series. I love the characters and the lives they have lived and are striving to continue. Joe (hero C791) has sent his cyborg brothers on a mission to find some much needed resources for survival. The added benefit to the assignment is that they have stumbled upon one of Chloe’s cyborg sisters. The problem is that the guys must convince her that she is indeed a cyborg and not a defective worker droid, and that to survive she needs to come with the [...]

    4+ StarsI'm really enjoying this series. A short, quick, steamy fun read with bits of humor, this is the perfect story for when you feel like starting something new but don't have the time to get caught up in a longer saga.

    F814 Cyborgs: More Than Machines by Eve LanglaisSecond in the cyborg romance series, this book has the highly intelligent man-made soldiers fighting to protect one of their own. And even though it takes awhile for them to convince F814 that she is more than just a drone, it takes even longer for Solus to acknowledge his own feelings of love.Well written and enjoyable for the sci-fi romance lover. A bit darker than this author is known for but still towards the lighter end of the genre.I admit th [...]

    At first, I quite enjoyed this book. I liked the couple didn’t immediately jump into each other’s bones. F814 had a trust issue which I completely understand because of the horror she went through. Solus, regardless of his cold attitude, he is actually a caring cyborg that he wanted the best for F814 & thinks he doesn’t deserve her.All was well until at point that both of them are TSTL. Reading their BS thoughts like “oh Solus doesn’t love me, doesn’t want me for forever” & [...]

    Great next book in series. I enjoyed Solus and Fiona even more than the first couple. They were funny - without meaning to be. Taking things so literally. Solus was cute in his grumpiness.

    Reviewed for Booked UpTo See Review at Booked UpLet me gush! I love how Ms. Eve Langlais starts this book. F814 (aka Fiona) is not a droid, although they made her believe it. She was a woman and she remembers her former life only in her dreams. She is disturbed with feelings that start to fill her head, she doesn't even know what they are and fears she might be reprogrammed if discovered. In my dreams, I have a name. A home. A family and friends. I can even see their faces and hear their voices. [...]

    The premise behind this story, and the series as a whole, is heartbreaking. Emotions run deep throughout the entire story, yet at the same time the action packed and exciting plot definitely sizzles. Langlais’ intricately crafted plot definitely held my attention throughout. I found the nano-tech endlessly appealing. Langlais not only sparked my imagination, but also kept my science minded brain endlessly reeling with the concepts that she brought forth. It was both chilling and exciting. Her [...]

    The female cyborg F814 has no idea about her own history, thinking she´s a mining droid with flaws since she´s on a mining site out in no-where space. Threatened with termination, she takes her destiny in her own hands, and takes out anyone trying to hurt her. Solus is assigned to take his team to raid a mining site, take all things worth taking and search for information. Little did he know that he´d meet the one who´ll make him question himself and maybe - start feeling?Great, quick read, [...]

    This was a great second book to this series. I loved the fact that Fiona was strong willed and defiant. Solus so needed to fall hard for a female, and she was perfect for him. Now, Aramus is so gonna get his!?! :)The characters are really starting to develop in this series. You get a great look at Solus' background and what he suffered. Seth steps out of his "human" status to show off. Just great character building.Now, we just have to wait for the next one.

    Wow!! Solus can be stubborn but he also can be very caring. Him and Fiona sound like the perfect match just as Joe and Chloe were. This book has some serious times as well as funny ones. I love how Seth gets them to admit that they have actual feelings for each other not just lust or for the next of pleasure. Since this one ended like the last I will have to read the next to see who gets snaggedd Aramus's time has to be coming sooner or later - I can't wait to read about him or Seth. ;)

    F814 is a great second instalment to the Cyborgs: More than Machines series. Like this first book I found F814 to be fresh and exciting. I guess my only complaint is that I wish for the stories to be longer and with more developed plot/characters, but I still really enjoyed it. So looking forward to Bonnie's story next.

    I am loving this series, can't wait for the next one. I also can't wait for Seth (a secondary character in both books) to meet his mate but I'm thinking that it will be the big grumpy one - Aramus - next.

    Another enjoyable entry in this series. It's an interesting world, one where people where taken and "enhanced," some I think, without their consent. I liked how Solus gradually softened. I liked that Fiona (F814) was able to have some revenge.

    I don't do this often, but this is a series that I find myself finishing one book and starting on the next. I am fascinated by the cyborgs. They aren't completely human, but they aren't entirely machine either. When you first meet Solus, he seems cold. He would never consider taking emotions into account when making a decision. Then he meets F814, Fiona. Fiona thinks she is just a work droid who's only purpose is to mine an asteroid until she meets Solus. Both have a hard time accepting that the [...]

    Fiona has no real memory of her past. Just the last 300 days in a mining area on an asteroid. When the foreman seems to taser her she starts remembering thing from her past and when he says he'll be terminating her she declares war. Solus isn't looking for love just some female cyborgs he didn't know existed until another cyborg female claimed there were. While hunting he finds her not wanting to go with him and his brothers. When Solus flings her over his shoulder and forces her to go with him [...]

    Eve Langlais has done it again another masterpiece. I loved this book from beginning to end I was on the edge of m seat and I didn't put it down until I had finished .This is my absolute favorite Cyborg series .I love all her books and would recommend them to anyone looking for that next great read.Her work is a must have.

    2.5 stars.I didn't really 'enjoy' the story until at least 40%. It was hella boring, but once their actual relationship started, it started to get interesting. I still didn't love it, and it never blew me away, but it was enjoyable at that point. The characters became more tolerable and I became interested in the other characters in the series too.

    Very good cyborg story.While it wasn't my favorite, it was a good read and progress in the series. I just didn't bond w/ the hero very well so that makes for an awkward story. I truly feel this is my personal feeling and not due to our author's work. Hence the 4*.

    Fue un libro mucho mejor que el anterior sin duda.Sigo manteniendo las mismas palabras ante la ligereza de la historia, supongo que eso es lo que la hace atractiva para algunos pero terriblemente intrascendente para otros como yo.

    I do prefer her shifter universe or the welcome to hell series to this one but the characters are still great to read about.

    This wasn't anything to rave about. I don't know that there was anything special about Solus that drew Fiona's attention. It seemed as if it was pure luck that Solus happened to be the one that was trapped with her in the beginning. It could have easily been Seth. It made me want to read about Aramus' downfall (so to speak), though. It may even be with the other sister. That's what the ending seems to hint at, at least. It could have been a bit longer but I'm ultimately glad it wasn't.

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