Strangers in Death

Strangers in Death

Strangers in Death LENGTH hrs and minsTechnology may be different in New York yet the city is still a place of many cultures and great divides And as ever some murders receive attention than others especial

  • Title: Strangers in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Audiobook
  • LENGTH 12 hrs and 42 minsTechnology may be different in 2060 New York, yet the city is still a place of many cultures and great divides And as ever, some murders receive attention than others especially those in which the victim is a prominent businessman found in his Park Avenue apartment tied to the bed and strangled with cords of black velvet.It doesn t sLENGTH 12 hrs and 42 minsTechnology may be different in 2060 New York, yet the city is still a place of many cultures and great divides And as ever, some murders receive attention than others especially those in which the victim is a prominent businessman found in his Park Avenue apartment tied to the bed and strangled with cords of black velvet.It doesn t surprise Lieutenant Eve Dallas that Thomas Anders scandalous death is a source of titillation and speculation for the public and humiliation for his family While everyone else in the city is talking about it, those close to Anders aren t so anxious to do so Fortunately, because Dallas billionaire husband, Roarke, happens to own the prime real estate where Anders s sporting goods firm was headquartered, she has some help with access.Before long, she s knocking on doors or barging through them to look for the answers she needs But the facts don t add up Physical evidence suggests that the victim didn t struggle The security breach in the highly fortified apartment indicates that the killer was someone close to Anders, but everyone s alibi checks out, from the wife who was off in the tropics to the loving nephew who stands to inherit millions Was this a crime of passion or a carefully planned execution It s up to Dallas to solve a sensational case where all involved guard secrets from one another and strangers may be connected in unexpected and deadly ways.

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      463 J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
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    Suspense 5 stars / Romance 4.5 starsA good man, a loyal husband is killed. Was he a good man or was he a monster? Damn, this book is one of my favorites. Eve suspected/knew from the beginning who was the villain. But no evidence and perfect alibi. And only Eve's feeling and small pieces of truth. Excellent written, excellent. I flove psychological approach, game of minds and a highly intelligent murderer. Eve - best woman ever!!!Finally a good turn in Louise and Charles' relationship. I couldn't [...]

    4.5 stars.I feel I should just mark each future book 4 or 5 stars (without having read them). Honestly, I know I sound like a broken record but I don't know how this author has held my attention for 26 fecking books and I am still loving them. Eve. My girl crush. I love her. The way her mind works to solve the case, with the help of the usual suspects! Roarke, sigh!Eve is never arrogant. She doubts herself on some cases. Some of the cases bring her back to her childhood, a tough time in her life [...]

    The good thing about this series is that the author is always changing up how we are presented with each mystery. In some books, we immediately know who the killer is and we even get to see his POV. And, usually the killer has a super creepy POV with some very sick thoughts going through his head.*shudder* oo creepyIn other books, we have to try and figure out who the killer is, but sometimes it's just way too obviousmm I wonder who it could beSometimes, the killer is right in front of our faces [...]

    I. LOVED. IT.Am I driving you all crazy with my 5 star reviews? I just can't seem to find flaws with these books. They are worthy of either 4 or 5 stars from me. ❤Another fabulous addition to the series and kudos to J.D. Robb for keeping my attention and desire to read on. One of my favorite moments in this book didn't even belong to Eve and Roarke!!!! And this is another wonderful thing about this series. Such great secondary characters. :)

    Another solid entry in the series. There seems to be two approaches with this series. A) Reveal the guilty party or parties early (about one third of the way through the book) and the remainder is how Dallas captures them and proves them guilty. B) A slower build up to the reveal (about two thirds of the way through the book) with a few red herrings thrown in, allowing the reader to figure out whodunit for themselves.This book takes the first approach. While that is fine, I'd rather be challenge [...]

    Strangers in Death by J.D.Robb is the 26th book in the In Death series. Eve investigates the murder of a prominent sports tycoon in what appears to be a sex crime. The title of the book gives away the solution but does not detract from the enjoyment of it. I love that we catch up with all the characters and this time Charles and Louise make a special announcement. Another fabulous book in the series.

    This one's intriguing. Although at 30 percent mark Eve knows who the killer is or who conspired to have him killed. The problem is how to prove it. The killer planned it for months but s/he did not plan on Eve taking the case. The last part was quiet a show. Oh and I am so happy for Louise and Charles. 😃

    ”Shouldn’t you be upstairs buying Alaska?” (Eve)“I did that last week.” (Roarke)So Roarke!!! LOL Oh, I love, love, love these books! The mystery is Always different and so very intriguing and every time differently done. Sometimes we know the killer, sometimes we don't know who he/she is until the very last page, sometimes we suspect, sometimes we doubt and here Eve knows, but she doens't have proof!

    Maybe it's because I've read about 22 of these in a row, but the "spark" is starting to die a bit. GASP! I mean, I still LOVE these books, but I feel like the last few haven't had enough at stake emotionally for the main characters. The conflict in their relationship really drove the first dozen or so. I'm hankering for some head-butting between the two leads so they can "make up" after, hehe. :)

    Also auch wenn das jetzt der 26. Teil der Serie ist und nicht wirklich viel neues an Charakteren dazugekommen ist war das immer noch ein tolles Lesevergnügen mit 4,5 Sternen. Es macht immer noch Spass den Leutenant bei seiner Arbeit zu verfolgen, und ihr Privatleben sowieso. Leichte Unterhaltung, spannende Unerhaltung und werde ich wohl auch den nächsten Band auch bald lesen.

    A Hitchcockian feel not everyone will like.When Eve is called to a homicide on Park Avenue, she finds herself in the bedroom of Thomas Anders, sports fanatic and the head of Anders Worldwide. Sixty-one, he, like his father before him, ran a top enterprise of sporting-goods turned into more; several cities set up to help underprivileged children with sporting-goods to play sports. Unfortunately, Anders’s life was cut short. His body was found by his House Manager (housekeeper); each arm and leg [...]

    Much like every other book in this series I've read, I could not put this down. The body count was far lower than others, but that didn't detract from the tension and plot twists, and my jaw literally hit the floor at the final reveal. The climax was drawn out, and really rather delicious. The small resolution at the end made me smile.

    Another great addition to the In-Death series. All the usual players are back. The mystery is the central figure in this one. For the second book Eve doesn't wake with nightmares about her father. Could this be a sign that she's actually becoming more human? Another trend I've noticed over the last couple of books is that Eve is doing more of the command position thing rather than the lone wolf thing. Due for Captain bars soon? Hard to say. A solid 3.5 stars.

    Ava is character that you can hate, period. Suzanne is a character that you can both pity and dislike.Some good bantering between Eve and Peabody about superior lays - love that scene.A great quote is near the end when Ava says that Eve married for money, Eve replied "I married a man. The man!" Love that quote.5 stars and 2 thumbs up

    Something big happening here between Charles and Louise:)Now about the crime, not complicated at all. We knew who done it very early on, only Eve had a bit problem to gather the evidence, but the way she work on it? From Roarke's eyes? I can understand why he is truly, deeply, madly in love to her! Heh:))I want my Eve too if I fancy a bit of a girl! LOL:))

    Crap. Another one I forgot to rate and review. Been finished with it for days. It was good, but damn if I remember the details.

    This is the 26th book in the In Death series.Sports Goods Tycoon Thomas Anders is murdered in his own bed. He is tied up with velvet ropes and there are other sex-toy paraphernalia around the body and in the bedroom. A kinky tryst gone bad? Eve doesn't think so. At first glance maybe, but looking at the body and other evidence in the room, it looks like a carefully planned murder to NYC's top murder cop.As Eve track's back through the victim's life she bumps up against a grieving wife, a nephew [...]

    This is the first book I have read by J.D. Robb, but I have read a few Nora Roberts books. I liked her writing style in this futuristic, police, crime mystery. Even though this was book #26 in the Death Series, I didn't feel too lost. I'm sure earlier books deal more with the past and personal lives of the main characters information I am missing.At any rate, I enjoyed the characters especially Roarke. He's sexy, funny and rich and his personality, very likable. His wife Eve is more manly in her [...]

    Liked this one too. It's a solid addition to the series. Eve's on top form, some of the character stuff is nicely done. Really enjoyed Mira in this. Trueheart is an utter delight (particularly his role in the final scheme). I didn't call the killer. (view spoiler)[Figured the two cases would be related, but surprisingly I didn't call the Strangers on a Train resolution, despite the fact that the title telegraphs it pretty hard. (hide spoiler)]One quibble: Eve is fairly judgemental on the subject [...]

    Slick and twisted. Emotions, slick characters, aggravation, some worrisome friends, lots of trails without any bread crumbs, some tough parts, the magic finger with Summerset (that was a little fun), Surprise!, some more lines, some clicks and tingles, stage set, action, and watch the master at work. Great ending and a great way to getting there. Another page turner that doesn't let you go. Enjoy!

    I normally like Nora Roberts but this was an ehhh book. I knew as soon as they brought in the second murder how this was going to turn out. It didn't help that strangers was in the title.

    A prominent member of society is found dead in his home, while his wife is away with friends. The man was tied and strangled on the bed with various sex toys proudly displayed beside his bed. It looks like a kinky game gone wrong, but it sure smells like foul play to Lieutenant Eve Dallas.She also has a perfect suspect, although there's one big problem. The main suspect has an airtight alibi. Yet Eve's gut keeps on tingling, and soon the seemingly perfect web starts to unravel.This might've been [...]

    Strangers in Death by J.D. RobbSeries: In Death, #26Suspense > futuristic > romance > mysteryThe point was, Eve supposed, no matter who you were --- sex, race, tax bracket --- death leveled it all out. As a murder cop going on a dozen years for the NYPSD, she’d seen it all before.This time out Lieutenant Eve Dallas must solve the murder of Thomas A. Anders, a charming and respected sporting goods magnate who was found dead in his own bed, tranquilized then strangled by rope. His death [...]

    Série policial para relaxar!. Neste, a tenente Eve Dallas desvenda o assassinato de um famoso homem de negócios. Não é o melhor, mas é muito bom.

    Another interesting thriller, a lot of puzzle pieces to put together for Eve and Peabody they bring in a lot of favourites to help out and bring another killer to justice.

    I read this one recently while traveling out of the country, which is why I didn't write a review immediately. It isn't the best of the series, but still a solid installment.

    As muched as i liked it, I could tell from very early on that this was going to be a strangers on a train book and I kind of ruined it for me.

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