Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet

Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet

Sled Driver Flying the World s Fastest Jet No aircraft ever captured the curiosity fascination of the public like the SR Blackbird Nicknamed The Sled by those few who flew it the aircraft was shrouded in secrecy from its inception Entering

  • Title: Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet
  • Author: Brian Shul
  • ISBN: 9780929823089
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No aircraft ever captured the curiosity fascination of the public like the SR 71 Blackbird Nicknamed The Sled by those few who flew it, the aircraft was shrouded in secrecy from its inception Entering the U.S Air Force inventory in 1966, the SR 71 was the fastest, highest flying jet aircraft in the world Now for the first time, a Blackbird pilot shares his uniqNo aircraft ever captured the curiosity fascination of the public like the SR 71 Blackbird Nicknamed The Sled by those few who flew it, the aircraft was shrouded in secrecy from its inception Entering the U.S Air Force inventory in 1966, the SR 71 was the fastest, highest flying jet aircraft in the world Now for the first time, a Blackbird pilot shares his unique experience of what it was like to fly this legend of aviation history Through the words photographs of retired Major Brian Shul, we enter the world of the Sled Driver Major Shul gives us insight on all phases of flying, including the humbling experience of simulator training, the physiological stresses of wearing a space suit for long hours, the intensity magic of flying 80,000 feet above the Earth s surface at 2000 miles per hour Sled Driver takes the reader through riveting accounts of the rigors of initial training, the gamut of emotions experienced while flying over hostile territory, the sheer joy of displaying the jet at some of the world s largest airshows Illustrated with rare photographs, seen here for the first time, Sled Driver captures the mystique magnificence of this most unique of all aircraft.

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    Limited printing by the author so most books sell for upwards of $300. Found a .pdf copy online after some digging, and it was well worth my time. Excellent "you are there" photography, with well-written supporting text. SR-71's (or "Sleds" as the author calls them) sound like a hell of a lot of fun to fly, and as privileged an experience as being an astronaut. Not far off, actually.

    I met Brian at Edwards AFB Open House airshow in October, 1999. As we were chatting Chuck Yeager was cruising 30,000 ft. over our heads in an F4 Phantom doing a supersonic flyby.How is cool is that?Most of the photos are Brain's & they're beautiful. This is the definitive photo album of the SR71. Brian takes us through his career & his choice to step up to the challenge to become a member of a very select few whose intelligence, training & talent are brought to bear in piloting the f [...]

    After seeing the SR-71 Blackbird at an airshow in the 80s, this plane has fascinated me. First hand experience told by pilot Brian Shul is a riveting account of training and flying this marvel. There are many photos as well. Short but well worth the read.

    Unbelievable read. Some of the photos taken by the author from a claustrophobically cramped cockpit - through 4 inches of armored glass, capable of withstanding the friction heat from travelling at faster than 2,000 mph at 80,000+ feet altitiude - are astounding. Only 32 of these engineering marvels were built and only 152 pilots ever drove the Sled. One of them, an SR71-B is housed in the air museum in Kalamazoo. You can walk up to it and touch it. I read the book once, then read it again the n [...]

    The Blackbird is a beautifully moving piece of technology. I like to think of myself as a technology person, but really that just means computers. The SR-71 first flew in 1964, so it doesn't have much impressive in the way of computers.But in 1976 it flew faster than anyone has before in a jet. And since 1976, no one has taken a jet faster than a Blackbird has. This machine, which was conceived in the 1950s, is still without a rival.It flew fast & high because it was a spy evading its enemie [...]

    Sled driver is about flying the SR71 Blackbird. The world's fastest jet.This is an amazingly compelling read. It is like waking up one morning and suddenly finding you can read a new language you devour it, even if you don't necessarily have a frame of reference to put it in.Miss a turn by a second or two, and you are in a completely different state.WHA?!?Flying more than a thousand miles an hour.WHA?!?The numbers they banter about in this book are simply incomprehensible, but the anecdotes the [...]

    after reading Skunkworks and Failure is Not an Option and this fabulous excerpt that circulated online (you can download the pdf for free here: freestuff-database/ebo)The excerpt I read is here:imgur/user/salemcripple/fa

    The photography is wonderful. Seeing the plane in flight, and the views available to the pilot, is like nothing else. The story of what it's like to fly this magnificent jet is also compelling. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the SR-71.

    This book gets five stars just for the incredible discipline and skill necessary to fly this airplane. Out of print, so far as I know? Find a copy, if you have any interest in aviation. Major Shul, hats off and a sincere salute to you, from a far less talented, less accomplished airman.

    I was introduced to the Habu when I was stationed on Okinawa in the early 80s. I loved watching the big bird land with the brightscarlet parachute behind. The pilots were legendary.This was an enjoyable view inside the cockpit that made you wish you could have been there.

    Firsthand account of what it was like to pilot the world's most jaw-dropping astonishing ahead of its time aircraft. My copy is autographed, so it's a veritable treasure.

    This book gives an awesome description of what it is like to fly the world's fastest air-breathing jet - the SR-71 Blackbird. It is well written and the pictures are amazing.

    Breve relato plagado de fotos chulas sobre la experiencia de pilotar un Mirlo (Al SR-71 lo llamaban el Blackbird pero sobre todo lo llamaban The Lady in Black). Hay alguna anécdota muy interesante pero se nota que el piloto se ha dejado muchas cosas en el tintero. Rescato una anécdota del libro y otra que no es del libro pero que es del autor del libro: Qué se siente al ser el avión más rápido del vecindario: There were a lot of things we couldn't do in an SR-71, but we were the fastest gu [...]

    This isn't my type of book, but my boys are big fans of the SR-71 Blackbird so I tracked down this highly-recommended book. It's out of print and ridiculously expensive from private sellers, but we got lucky and found a copy through the library system here in Small Town, IL. My son read this and "thought it was very cool." Last weekend our family visited Wright Patterson Air Force Base and spent an afternoon at the United States Air Force Museum which houses an SR-71 Blackbird. Side note: the mu [...]

    "On March 6, 1990, the SR-71 officially left the Air Force inventory with a final flight that would take the airplane to the National Air and Space Museum. Flying from Palmdale, California, to Washington D.C the SR-71 left active duty with all the pride, performance, and dignity that marked every aspect of its 25 years of service. The SR-71 was retired with all of its speed and altitude records still unchallenged. En route to the museum, the jet set four new continental speed records. Total flig [...]

    Short and beautiful. I'll admit, I teared up just a bit.If you've heard of this book it's probably because you've read a few of the stories already the various times they get posted around the internet. It's unfortunate, perhaps, but those are the stories that get reposted because they're the best in the book. Still, the rest is well worth it and a few of the notes and things I had never known before or learned anywhere else.

    Excellent if short, the author's love and passion for this magnificent aircraft is on display in every single anecdote and photograph. I was unable to find a copy of this anywhere for less than $300-400 but I was finally able to find a pdf on Reddit. It's sad that this is out of print but perhaps there's not that much demand for this among people under the age of 35 now, they may not even be aware that such a plane as the SR-71 existed.

    Excellent non-technical presentation of a great piece of Americana. Stunning glossy photos capture the feel of the speed machine. Good detail of the engines, fuels and control thereof that have made this record beating plane. There are interesting revelations upon how the planes - each one individually - invoke feelings within the flyers.

    This was a short, quick read about one pilot's experience with an amazing airplane. It's an old book and really hard to find, but I got a PDF of it through Scribd and was able to read it that way. The PDF included the color photos from the book, which are excellent. Well worth the time to read!If you want to read it, let me know and I'll send you the PDF.

    The book does not do justice to the subject or the author's life experiences, but still an interesting read for anyone who is a bit nuts about this absolutely fascinating machine

    Страхотна книга, написана на достъпен английски, която ще ви потопи в атмосферата на полетите с Блекбърд и любовта на един пилот към машината му.

    What an amazing book. Brian Shul led a fantastic life and he captured an amazing moment of history. For me, the SR71 is the definition of all aircraft. Sleek, fast and powered by liquid aircraft designer daydreams. The SR71 was the first poster I owned and the aircraft is still deep in my mind. Somehow, Brian knew this long before anybody else. He understood that this aircraft had a limited life and at every opportunity, he took a photograph of it. His account of flying this sleek bird was fanta [...]

    The SR-71 Blackbird has always fascinated me as a jet -- this evil looking black thing with its sweeping lines and sharp spikes protruding from the engines that could fly at over 4,000 km/h, producing some stories that would almost seem farcical if they weren't 100% true, and some amazing anecdotes. Part of me is sad that I missed the era of this superb airplane (along with living in the wrong country). However, the book was brilliant, and filled with a large number of pictures that the author h [...]

    I watched and listened as the pilot ran each engine up to military power and checked the RPM and temperatures to insure all was well. At 30,000 pounds of thrust, only one engine was run up to military power at a time. The jet's exhaust kicked up a whirlwind of dust and debris behind the run up area. The sound of the engines set this day apart. The gutty roar of the J-58s grabbed my insides and tugged at me. This engine sound was born from 1950s technology and was a trademark of the Century Serie [...]

    If you're looking at this book, the first thing you will notice is that it trades for hundreds of dollars on and is out of print. It is difficult to find a copy "just to read". I managed to do so, and my first comment is that it is not worth $400. That's not to say it isn't good. Look up there, I rated it four stars. I obviously liked it. Since I liked it so much, I'll start with what is wrong with it and why it didn't get five stars. The biggest problem is that Brian Shul is not a writer and d [...]

    Borrowed this through Inter Library Loan (known in my area as MOBIUS). This is not a book you're likely to find lying around, as it was printed/distributed in limited quantities.If you have any interest in the SR-71 and what it's like to fly it, get your hands on this book. It's light reading. About half the pages are images of the plane and various scenery shot from the plane.While the textual content was light, it wasn't fluff. Did you know that flying with a 25,000 foot-altitude-cabin can res [...]

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in control of one of the world's most recognised and enigmatic aircraft - The SR-71 Blackbird???Being of the Star Wars generation, this aircraft captivated my imagination from the moment I saw photographs of it, to seeing it in real life at the Reno Air Races with my father at 16, then as an aircraft engineer the technology (ancient by today's standards) captivated me.But, other than Flight Simulator software I had no idea what it was like to fly one [...]

    This is an amazing book if you want to find out more about the SR-71 Blackbird and learn about one of the pilots that flew her. If you love airplanes as a general interest, this will be a fun and enjoyable read. Brian Shul knows how to explain events in a simple and straightforward manner. His writing never gets in the way of the unique aspects of flying an SR-71.Did you know that each SR-71 had its own personality of a sort? There are many other fascinating bits of information that airplane afi [...]

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