Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff

Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff

Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick Ginny Davis s Year In Stuff Part graphic novel part scrapbook and altogether original New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Holm s Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dork Diaries

  • Title: Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Elicia Castaldi
  • ISBN: 9780375968518
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Part graphic novel, part scrapbook and altogether original New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Holm s Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Babymouse Ginny has big plans for eighth grade She s going to try out for cheerleading, join Virtual Vampire Vixens, and maybe even fall in love But middle school is moPart graphic novel, part scrapbook and altogether original New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Holm s Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Babymouse Ginny has big plans for eighth grade She s going to try out for cheerleading, join Virtual Vampire Vixens, and maybe even fall in love But middle school is of a roller coaster ride than Ginny could have ever predicted Her family has just moved into a fancy new house when Ginny s stepdad loses his job Can worrying about money make you sick Ginny s big brother keeps getting into trouble And there s a new baby on the way Living proof that Ginny s mom and stepdad are having sex Just what she needs Filled with Post its, journal entries, grocery lists, hand drawn comic strips, report cards, IMs, notes, and , Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is the sometimes poignant, often hilarious, always relatable look at a year in the life of one girl, told entirely through her stuff.From the Hardcover edition.

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    Things I loved about this book1. Grandpa Joe (Charlie and the choc factory reference?)2. Mixed media3. Henry4. The books!5. Library twice a week!6. Kirby Larson's email answers!!

    I am a big fan of Jennifer Holm, Matt Holm and Babymouse, so I was thrilled to see the latest novel from Jennifer Holm. This book was clearly a collaboration between the author and the illustrator, Elicia Castaldi. It was amazing and the photos/illustrations are essential to the story. I kept telling Liv, "You have got to read this." It reminded a great deal of Chopsticks, by Jessica Anthony because of the photos, but the text really enriched the story. Each page is very stimulating visually, an [...]

    I've never heard of this series and I'm not familiar with the authors, but I decided to try the sequel regardless - I'm always interested in mixed media books and this one is definitely a unique one at that. The use of images and text enrich the story in complementary ways. While I did feel a bit of a disconnect between myself and the characters/ events, it is still relatable and I liked this glance into Ginny's eighth grade year through her stuff. If you enjoyed Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony an [...]

    There's going to be another one, right? There has to be! I love Ginny and I love Jenni's stories of Ginny. The way this book is set up is so unique and I adore it. (Stealing from Kathy) 3 reasons why I loved this book1. Book lists and lots of book mentions2. Poetry3. Cross-curricular

    1. Awards the book has received: No awards 2. Appropriate grade level: 6th grade and up 3. Original 3-line summary: Ginny has big plans for eighth grade but life just gets in the way. Her family has just moved into a fancy new house when her stepdad loses his job, her brother keeps on getting into trouble, and there is a new baby on the way. Eighth grade is starting to make her sick! 4. Original 3-line review: This book is really relatable. From being in middle school to real life. It perfectly [...]

    This book was about this girl that is in eight grade.She say that her life is misabral.The homework is too much,her family is short on money,has family problems,and her mom is pregnant so she has to take care of more than 2 babys.It made me feel like i dont want to go to 8th grade beacuse it seams like too much woek.I learned that eight gradee mixed with a large family is not a good combination.I would recomened this book to students who are under 8th grade like 5th,6th,and 7th graders because t [...]

    (READ AT HOME) I thought this book was really good. It wasn't as good as the books i read before. but it was good enough for me to finish it! (SORRY)

    This is one hilarious book as you follow along Ginny Davis' eighth grade year. Ginny lives in a world where young people connect with each other digitally. However, it's amazing how she communicates with her friends, family and classmates via handwritten notes. Through those handwritten messages, emails, texts, IM and documentations of places and experiences, you can see how a life of Ginny have lived as an eighth grader and who she spends time with as her day to day life is like. I don't know h [...]

    More reviews at Mrs. ReaderPantsR ELA TEACHERS: Need a lesson on inferencing? Since the story and its characters are presented 100% through Ginny's stuff, the author really "tells" us nothing, so students have to use clues from the pictures to figure out what's going on. Check out p. 48-49, p. 67, p. 81-82, and p. 93 for a few great examples that students will understand, even if they have never read the book!REVIEW: I've heard that you can tell a lot about people by going through their trash, a [...]

    So, as you know, I am not much of a graphic novel reader by any means (even though I am trying to improve that!) but Jennifer L. Holm's Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year in Stuff is such a fun read. Apparently this is the second book featuring Ginny Davis (which I didn't realize! the first book is Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff). I'm so glad I discovered this series because it's fun!Synopsis: Ginny has big plans for eighth grade. She's going to t [...]

    Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick is the second book about Ginny Davis, following Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf. Through various objects, notes, assignments, and email exchanges, Ginny’s new school year unfolds - in her new house, with her new stepdad, where her mom is expecting a new baby. Things just keep changing, as her stepdad loses his job, her delinquent brother gets into huge trouble, and Ginny struggles to get through dissections in biology, and make it onto the cheerleading squad [...]

    Ginny's life is full of notes and messages: doodles to friends, to-do lists, text messages, refrigerator notes from "The Management"(aka her mom), angry notes pinned to her door (stay out!) and teachers' notes on her homework assignments. Stuff surrounds her every day - her cell phone, her backpack, school supplies, lunches, even worms to dissect in the science lab. Holm and Castaldi show all this through a photo-collage that makes reading this book like peeking into someone's personal scrapbook [...]

    3.5 stars. It's fun the way California Diaries Dawn: Diary 1 was fun, but better because there are pictures. The real winner with this book is the designer. There are cute details, like the knickknacks on Ginny's desk or the notes on the refrigerator from her mother, and the overdrawn account notices that tell the story without the reader needing all of the words to determine the events. While, there are words and they do fill in some blanks that should not be left to the imagination, the pictur [...]

    Check this review out and others on my blog: Get Real.Quick, fun look at the life of eighth-grader Ginny Davis. In a few months, she moves into a new house and then out of again. Her mom and stepfather have a baby, and her older brother gets arrested for credit card fraud. She also becomes a cheerleader, gets a quirky boyfriend fixated on animal dissection and is fixated on a vampire group/film/something? Photographed objects and post-it notes make this a fun story with a realistic point of view [...]

    I was really impressed by this book! It's by Jennifer Holm, of BabyMouse fame. The story is about Ginny Davis and is told entirely by notes, documents (like homework assignments or report cards), photographs, and screencaps of Ginny's life. So it is a graphic novel, but not the comic style that most people would think of first. At first I didn't think it was a great middle grade book-- my initial impression was that it was too young-- however upon really getting into it I realized it touched man [...]

    Told entirely in full-color illustrations, this cross between a scrapbook and a graphic novel uses notes, class assignments, shopping lists, bills, instant messages, and many other items to show the highlights of Ginny Davsis' eighth grade year. She begins with a new house and a new list of things to do, including trying out for cheer, saving money, and teaching her grandfather how to use e-mail. But she could never have anticipated the difficulties she had ahead of her, from her stepfather losi [...]

    1. This book has not received any awards. 2. This book is appropriate for 6th grade and up. 3. This graphic novel is so interesting and unique. The story (told through a series of notes, class assignments, post-its, report cards, bills, and permission slips) describes Ginny as she endures a tough year of school. Her family faces a lot of changes and trials that have a huge impact on Ginny. In the end, she is able to turn the year around, accept change, and have a positive attitude. 4. I seriousl [...]

    3.5 Cute story, if a bit slim on actual development. I'm a big fan of the mixed media approach to storytelling, and this title does that quite nicely, using post-its, screencapped online chats, and an assortment of other clever additions to tell Ginny's story. Best for 6th graders and up, especially for fans of Dork Diaries.

    This follow-up to "Middle School is Worse than Meat Loaf" tells us the story of Ginny Davis's eighth grade year through her stuff, including notes on the fridge, IM conversations on the computer, report cards, & the detritus of middle-school-girl life. Things were really looking up when we left off with Ginny, & initially they're going pretty well here - she's still enjoying a more-than-friends thing with her humorous science lab partner, hanging out with best friend Becky Soo, & she [...]

    Ginny Davis's year in 8th grade seems to have everything happen to her. Her family buys a new house, school starts, her mother gets pregnant, her brothers are getting into trouble, her step-dad loses his job, her grandpa finally learns to email, and she falls in love with the worn guy. All of this and more happens to her in her very colorful, graphic and realistic book about her year in eighth grade.This was a sweet quick read touching on some tough topics and happenings that occur at that age. [...]

    8th grade is going to be awesome. At least, it could be, except that Ginny has a lot going on: her mom just remarried, they moved into a big house, her stepfather lost his job, her big brother is still getting into trouble, her little brother is still a pain and now there's a littler brother in the picture. On the bright side, there's the cheer squad, and her grandpa is coming to visit, and even dissecting worms in science class has a bright side. A follow-up to Middle School is Worse Than Meatl [...]

    Ginny starts out 8th grade with big plans that she lists out. They include trying out for cheer, being able to bike to school, sketching every day, and falling in love. Ginny and her family have just moved to a newer, bigger house, but she’s able to stay at the same school. Lots of things are going right for Ginny: she likes her science partner, she makes the cheer team, and she just might be falling in love too! Unfortunately though, everything is not perfect. Things get tough when Ginny’s [...]

    I read this, I understood it, and it's hard to write a review. This and the first book in the series, Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf, are great fun.There is a plot to this-- Ginny's mother has remarried and is pregnant, the family has moved into a big new home, but then the step father loses his job, Ginny's brother is born prematurely, and all of the changes stress Ginny out so much that she doesn't eat and becomes ill. I was never a fan of wordless picture books, and these have a similar [...]

    Ginny is now in 8th grade, and she and her family have just moved. Ginny joins the cheerleading squad and finds true love (well, at least a guy she can relate to and have fun with). But amidst these happy events, her stepdad loses his job, her mom finds out she’s pregnant and quits her job, Henry – her older brother – gets in trouble with the law again, and Ginny is diagnosed with colitis. Money problems and stress are not helping with her medical issues. But, by the end of the book things [...]

    My eighth grade daughter was drawn to this book by the graphics alone. I wasn't sure what to make of a book that looked part scrapbook and part graphic novel. When I read through it, I was pleasantly surprised. Through relevant "stuff" of an eighth grader (I.e. texts, locker decorations, sticky note messages, computer memos), we actually get to know the story's characters, plot, and other elements. Middle schoolers will relate to the issues Ginny is facing as well common experiences. i.e~Ginny h [...]

    Follow-up to "Middle School is Worse than Meat Loaf". This is such a clever and creative way to tell a story. A sort of visual free verse. The reader has to make a lot of connections and small "leaps" of logic to piece the story together--just like in a free verse novel. This book follows Ginny throughout her eighth grade year. There have been some changes in her life. Mom and Bob are married and they are now moving into a bigger house--but more changes are to come. A new little sibling is on th [...]

    Though the pink and girly cover looks like it will be all cuteness and romance, this is a reflection of the modern family. During the course of her eighth grade year, Ginny Davis (previously the star of Middle School is Worse than Meat Loaf) deals with moving to a new home, welcoming a her mom and stepfather's new baby, the arrest of her brother for credit card theft, loss of stepfather’s job, and eventually losing their nice new home. She doesn’t come right out and say most of this; it is c [...]

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