Anniversary Day

Anniversary Day

Anniversary Day Four years ago a bomb destroyed part of the dome protecting Armstrong the largest city on the Moon Now as the city celebrates its survival with an event it calls Anniversary Day a larger threat lo

  • Title: Anniversary Day
  • Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jay Snyder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Four years ago, a bomb destroyed part of the dome protecting Armstrong, the largest city on the Moon Now, as the city celebrates its survival with an event it calls Anniversary Day, a larger threat looms one that begins with the murder of the mayor, and spreads across the moon itself.Even with every new technological device at her disposal, Moon Security Chief Noelle DiFour years ago, a bomb destroyed part of the dome protecting Armstrong, the largest city on the Moon Now, as the city celebrates its survival with an event it calls Anniversary Day, a larger threat looms one that begins with the murder of the mayor, and spreads across the moon itself.Even with every new technological device at her disposal, Moon Security Chief Noelle DiRicci can t stay ahead of the unfolding disaster As the situation gets worse, Retrieval Artist Miles Flint hurries to his daughter s school to protect her And Detective Bartholomew Nyquist finds himself in the middle of everything, from that first bombing to the Anniversary Day crisis itself.

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      471 Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jay Snyder
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    Another interesting story in the Retrieval Artist series. Rusch isn't so much an eloquent written as someone who delves deeply into the characters minds, feelings and interactions. Always look forward to her books

    The Retrieval Artist series is a guilty pleasure. I'm not sure why I'm immediately sucked into these audio books, but once I start I find it hard to stop.

    I liked this book, but I didn't enjoy it as much as a lot of the other Retrieval Artist books, primarily because of the way that this ends.It's definitely written for people who have followed the series so far. The story jumps through a lot of different POV characters, most of whom are familiar from previous books, and without that background and history a lot of their personality and interactions don't make as much sense. If you have read the other books though, it's a pretty satisfying read. I [...]

    The Retrieval Artist series is by far my favorite set of audiobooks, both because of the exciting and intricate storylines, but also because of the superior narration of Jay Snyder. A new Retrieval Artist audiobook means I'll be listening every chance I get - in the car, in the bath, while eating lunch at the office.Anniversary Day continues the interwoven story of the future colonized moon, as well as its place in the greater Earth Alliance. What is especially appealing about this series is how [...]

    This book is not primarily about Miles Flint or his daughter. It mainly centers around detective Bartholomew Nyquist. Starting off with the bombing of the Armstrong dome in the book Consequences, and continuing 4 years later with a murder that is prelude to an act of terrorism that is reminiscent of 9/11, Nyquist is sucked into a mystery which no one on the moon saw coming. Of course any act of terrorism would bring in Noelle DeRicci, head of moon security. This is by far one of my favorite book [...]

    Meh.The story was interesting, but Rusch's style in this one really got in the way. Lots and lots of short, single sentence paragraphs, and almost every chapter ending with a short, declarative statement such as "And he did", or "She knew it wouldn't", or "Things would always be different." It quickly became repetitive and distracting, preventing me from really getting into the story.Which is a shame, because I've read other works of hers that I liked, and I think I would have liked this one bet [...]

    Was ok, but definitely reads like.Part I of a two-parter (unsatisfying ending.)Next book is due out Summer of 2012 - I recommend you wait until it's out and then read them consecutivelyA: turns out this is Part 1 of the Anniversary Day Saga, eight books long.

    Phenomenal installment in the series. Not much Miles but no problem for me. I really enjoyed Nyquist's point of viewper excited about the continuation of this series.

    This time around Miles is dealing with his daughter, Talia and a murder investigation of a sort of operative. Much of thr Miles/Talia thread feels like stage setting for future stories but it's a well laid foundation. Nyquist is back and I have to say that I really like him. It's hard for anyone to top Noelle but he's up there. I'm finally used to her being in an admin position and not doing day to day investigations and I'm enjoying this path for her. The main thread of this story is the murder [...]

    Though set on Earth's Moon, there is no real sense of location - other than the threat of explosive depressurization and pervasive moon dust. The novel relies on characters and situations familiar to long-time readers of the Retrieval Artist series. The story is reasonably suspenseful until it approaches the climax when it dawns on you that despite known vunerablities and a prior unsolved attack, security is actually woefully lax, straining the reader's ability to accept the premse. As for the c [...]

    First book by Rusch I've read. Fascinating. Interesting and original premise. Lots of suspense. Loved it.

    sorry for that one star, but i have a little personal tradition from now on: every book starting with «name ― last name ― verb» just gets one star and ends in the «abandoned» list.

    Fabulous. Difficult to put down. Loved this writer, she keeps me on the edge of my seat, always wondering what comes next. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

    I think I read a Retrieval Artist novel that I picked up on a whim several years ago, but I can't remember which one it was. In any case, when I saw that Audible had another one as the daily deal, I decided to check it out. I like science fiction that takes the science fiction aspect more or less for granted and then focuses on other aspects of story telling. I think the best sci fi does this and emphasizes the literary aspects of a story, the way Margaret Atwood or Ishiguro, Kazuo or even Phili [...]

    The story begins with a prelude section four years before the main story, with Detective Bartholomew Nyquist investigating a murder with his unwanted, newly minted partner Usula Palmette. Things go wrong, but not because of the case--they're caught off guard by a series of major bombings that shake the Moon dome to the core. (Oh, did I mention the story takes place on the moon, at a point where it's been colonized with a series of domes? Well, pretend I said that.) Then we get the jump. Four yea [...]

    I’m coming up on seventy posted reviews for this website and I’ve written many other reviews on various book social websites like , Booklikes, and such. I have noticed there are some books you read and review because of their importance to the literary culture. There are some books you read and review and that you do not connect with but continue reading them to learn something from that experience. And there are some books you read and review that puts a smile on your face.Anniversary Day b [...]

    Wow! Kris Rusch has quickly become one of my favorite writers. I read more of her books in 2011 than anyone, I believe. I discovered two incredible series of hers which I adore. And she also did a SFFWRTCHT interview and became a friend. Nonetheless, this is the best Retrieval Artist book yet despite the fact that Miles Flint is a minor character. Yep. You heard me right. Flint is almost absent from the first half and only slightly more present in the second. But given the increasing importance [...]

    Another solid entry in Ms. Rusch's "Retrieval Artist" series. A solid page turner and a series that I will keep reading.

    Wow. This is the start of a new story arc in the Retrieval Man series. At first it returns to old material, the day of the dome explosion four years before. This time experienced through Nyquist's eyes. And it's very well written, but you start to think, retread. Getting bored now. Then Armstrong's Mayor is assassinated, and the story splinters into dozen or so viewpoints. Various detectives, politicians, their assistants Everyone is rushing about, doing this, doing that. It's well written, but [...]

    The pace of this felt faster than some of the other retrieval artist novels which never felt as lean and sharp as Rusch's shorter stories in the series which felt both more powerful and more focused. Also this book marks the series moving in a different direction with a large complicated and powerful story arc that will run for many books. Unlike the previous books which highlighted the tension and costs of interacting with alien races this volume is very, very focused on the humans.The biggest [...]

    Another excellent Retrieval Artist novel in the series, although with a couple of differences. This noevel doesn't stand alone and I would expect readers tobe disappointed if they have not read the prevous ovels. First, Miles is not a major player, second, there is no resolution ending on a "To Be Continued" endnote. In all the earlier books, there is a definite conclusion to the main story arc, even if some minor plot threads were still open. I'm also not sure of the link to the first Armstrong [...]

    Superb. I purchased this book through a Story Bundle special, and I was completely unaware that it was part of a series (and rather deep into the series, for that matter). When I reached the end, it was obvious that it would have books following it, so I came here to leave a review and check out the following books. I was not expecting it to be preceded by this many books! I am of course, incredibly excited to explore all these other books now. It's a testament to the writing in the books, that [...]

    Truth be told, I'd forgotten this series was out there. I went on a binge a couple of years ago and listened to every audiobook there was in the series and then just forgot about it. As I listened to this book, it kept coming back to me just how much I loved listening to them before. The characters are terrific and there's not just one that I love. Yeah, sure, Miles Flint is wonderful but Noelle DiRicci and Nyquist and Talia are wonderful characers. Rusch does a terrific job of switching back an [...]

    I saw this book on the recommended shelf at the library, and thought "why not!" According to the blurb, it blends two of my favorite genres: SF and PI/CSI. In fact, I grabbed what I thought were the first four books in the series. Now I learn I read Book #8 first.Back to the book: story line was good; plot moved; I was a bit lost with all the names at first; weird to meet Nyquist first who is not the Retrieval Artist, but now understand it is book 8; it ends as a series which I suspected but sti [...]

    This was a fun introduction to a long series. Its about cops and PIs on the moon, I think. This is more like 24 on the Moon, with a terrorist attack focusing on assissinating the heads of Moon government and most of the narrative happening in just one day. The cast was good and the author didn't make feel stupid for not knowing who they were. Rusch repeated her self a few times, but it was a page turner I wanted to know what happened. Unfortunately, the story just reaches the half way point at t [...]

    This is in the Retrieval Artist series although the main character of the series, the Retrieval Artist, is barely in it (until the last 100 pages or so) and does not actually do any Retrieving. The investigation of the murders of several politicians on the Moon is interesting but it lacks resolution.1/15/2015 Reread. The lack of resolution is less of a problem now that I know it is part of an eight book series within a series that will resolve things (still much longer than it should take). The [...]

    I was a bit disappointed.I still liked it, but I didn't think it was up to her usual standard for these books. I have greatly enjoyed the rest of the retrieval artist novels. (The others are definitely worth a read.)This one felt like about half a novel. And I didn't like so many different voices. Usually they are told from Miles' perspective, or maybe Miles plus one other, and I prefer that.Still, it was good. Her usual fast-paced plot, no nonsense (good) writing with interesting characters.I w [...]

    I really liked the Retrieval Artist series until the last few before this one, when it started to focus on Flint and his daughter Talia, instead of adventures with alien cultures. But a positive review in Analog science fiction on the Anniversary Day series convinced me to try the first one. And I did like it enough to get the next one. I like the alternating viewpoints of Flint, Nyquist and DeRicci. I hope the mystery involves aliens!

    I REALLY enjoyed this SF police procedural and was on my way to perhaps giving it 5 stars---but there was NO conclusion!! This is NOT the first book in a series; it is the first part of a book and should be called Volume 1. I sure am glad the next volume is out so I can continue.Also,I listened to part of it with Whispersync. Having bought the kindle, i8 could get the Audible version for only $1.99. Very convenient.

    My low rating for this book is because it does not come to a satisfactory resolution and there was no clue that this was the beginning of a series ( within this series).Many people on the moon are killed in coordinated terrorist attacks. I was very disappointed to reach the end of the book not knowing anything about the beings who were behind the attack. This reminded me of the terrible ending of Laurie King's God of the Hive, which made me just as upset.

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