The Blight of Muirwood

The Blight of Muirwood

The Blight of Muirwood The Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the Muirwood Trilogy The Aldermaston the protector of Muirwood Abbey is directed by the Medium to make Lia the new hunter of Muirwood This will take some

  • Title: The Blight of Muirwood
  • Author: Jeff Wheeler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the Muirwood Trilogy The Aldermaston, the protector of Muirwood Abbey, is directed by the Medium to make Lia the new hunter of Muirwood This will take some doing and a lot of training, but with leather bracers, a shooting glove, and quivers in hand, Lia rises to the challenge Her first real order is to protect Ellowyn DemontThe Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the Muirwood Trilogy The Aldermaston, the protector of Muirwood Abbey, is directed by the Medium to make Lia the new hunter of Muirwood This will take some doing and a lot of training, but with leather bracers, a shooting glove, and quivers in hand, Lia rises to the challenge Her first real order is to protect Ellowyn Demont from rivals like the Queen Dowager and the Earl of Dieyre Lia knows very little about the princess s land of Pry Ree, but when Ellowyn is abducted, Lia will join forces with Colvin to bring her back Lia and Colvin must venture into the heart of a fallen kingdom, one devastated by an encroaching sickness called the Blight It is here that a dark new secret is revealed one that will make safeguarding the Abbeys nearly impossible.

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    I remember enjoying the first book of Legends of Muirwood but not being blown away by it. It was entertaining, and I thought I'd most likely get to the sequel at some point. I'm glad that I finally did, because this second book really stepped it up, both in world and in characters. I finished it quickly, and moved onto the last book right away. It is overall a solidly enjoyable medieval fantasy series, even though it's not so detailed and highly developed as the best of the best are. I was pleas [...]

    I must say that despite my skepticism, this book was definitely an improvement upon The Wretched of Muirwood.Where that novel was sloppy this one was more structured. I was compelled & affected by the events that took place here much moreso, and I do genuinely want to know how it all wraps up.There are cliches. There is some Mary Sue action. There is nothing particularly mind-blowing here. I doubt though that I will take the time to read the spin-off trilogy. After this is over I think I'll [...]

    I was so pleasantly surprised by "The Wretched of Muirwood" that I eagerly checked out "The Blight of Muirwood" almost as soon as my Prime borrowing privileges recycled for the new month. I have mixed feelings about this middle book in a trilogy. The first half was just as well done as "Wretched," with a tight pace and almost constant rate of new reveals about Lia's world. And then about halfway through, the book became religious. Now I knew this ahead of time because I carefully combed reviews [...]

    5 Stars The Blight of Muirwood is one of those rare exceptions where the sequel is better than the original. This is the second book of the trilogy, but it does not suffer the normal mid-way blues that affect most 3 book series. Jeff Wheeler has carefully crafted a book that both expands on the first book, and second sets up the conclusion without feeling like a cookie cutter. The cool thing is after I finished this book, I loved that Wheeler identified this book as his favorite and telling us w [...]

    Halfway in and I don't think i want to bother finishing. Still don't care about the main characters. And frankly, the blatant religious overtones are very off-putting. The author *says* he drew from many religions, but I don't see it. I see one religion.Well, I got to the part ( in the middle of a huge, awkward info dump) where it is explained that the head evil being/spirit is a woman. And she recruits only women. So right there it became a wallbanger. I don't need that kind of sexist shit laye [...]

    Executive Summary: Mr. Wheeler ramps things up second book of his Muirwood trilogy, and I found myself enjoying this one more than the first.Audio book: Ms. Rudd is once again the narrator (not surprising since the whole trilogy was released at the same time as audio books). Her performance is comparable to that of the previous book. It's good, but doesn't add anything to the story.She once again seems to use her own voice for all the female characters and a slightly different voice for all of t [...]

    From time to time, I ask myself the questions, "What am I feeding? What am I starving? And am I feeding and starving the right things in my life? Some people feed the wrong things: baser desires, tainted inclinations, unhealthy dreams. What we feed is what grows in us. I look around and see others feeding their courage, their faithfulness, their integrity. As they are fed, they grow. At the same time these same people are starving the desires, inclinations and dreams that would make them less th [...]

    Originally posted at FanLit.fantasyliterature/reviThe Blight of Muirwood is the second book in Jeff Wheeler’s LEGENDS OF MUIRWOOD trilogy which was originally self-published and then picked up by ’s 47North imprint. I thought the first book, The Wretched of Muirwood, lacked inventiveness but was generally a pleasant fantasy with agreeable characters who would most likely appeal to young adults.In The Blight of Muirwood, Lia has been promoted out of the kitchens to serve as the abbey’s Hunt [...]

    not quite sure how I feel about this book. I really liked the story/action/romance, it had twists and turns I wasn't expecting. It was well written. It was just so HEAVY with religious symbolism. The author says much of the mastonic ceremony was taken from ancient Jewish customs. I'll be the first to admit I have no knowledge of these customs or how they compare to my current religious beliefs but the parallels to LDS beliefs and ceremonies was HUGE, and there was SO much of it. I think reading [...]

    I eagerly downloaded this book as soon as I had finished ' The Wretched of Muirwood', I loved that book, it was truly one of the most beautiful things I've read, and I went into 'The blight of Muirwood' with such high expectations, which were happily met and even went above and beyond in places. This book starts shortly after the previous one left off - although it quickly skips a year. Lia is slowly getting to use and come to grips with her power in the medium, even though Colvin had made an oa [...]

    Finished this in two days- am loving this series, and as others have written, I actually think the second book was even better than the first! I didn't find the new characters too difficult to follow, and admittedly, figured out the "twist" early on.I know many reviews are discussing the various religious tones and such, but I actually find the familiarity of the concepts enjoyable. While none of the ideas are original, that is just fine. It is still a very enjoyable read for most ages, and the [...]

    The plot and characters in this book are pretty good and I do enjoy a good fantasy read. The big reveal at the end also sets the story up quite nicely for the final book in the trilogy, even if it is a little predictable. However, I will not be picking up the third and final book. The heavy religious symbolism that was just background in the first book The Wretched of Muirwood is out in full force here and has put me off completely.

    This book was much longer than the first one but I'm not complaining. In the end it felt like why there were not few more pages. From the start to end it was just a roller-coaster ride. Never a dull moment for me. Book ends with a cliffhanger but thank God I already have the 3rd.Most of the characters were same but few very important characters made entry in this installment like Ellowyn Demont, Marciana who was Colvin's sister, Earl of Dieyre and Queen Dowager, King's widow. They all played ver [...]

    The Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the Muirwood Trilogy. The Aldermaston asks Lia to become the hunter for Muirwood Abbey. Following the battle of Winterrowd in book one, the Queen Dowager visits the Abbey but she has sinister plans. Meanwhile Whilst out hunting, Lia discovers an outbreak of the Blight which has struck some of the vegetation and infected one of the leering stones, what is this blight and is it spreading? Book two is as compelling a read as book one, reuniting all of th [...]

    I loved this book!!! I seriously wanted to start it over again the second I finished it. I love the developments in the different relationships but most all seeing Lia grow and progress so much was so exciting! I can't wait to read book three but I think this one might be my favorite in the series even if it ends the way I hope it does. I Highly recommend this book.

    This was a very interesting series. I loved the characters, the setting and the interaction between the characters.This was the third book in the series and I'm impressed how well the author did with keeping me captivated in the story andstill caring about the characters. What a great series! I will be following this author from now on and checking out what he writes!

    Sooooooo.good.This book is not typical and thats what makes it great. I can't get enough and yet I can't even try to describe it!

    Fun readThe second book in the series, but not as fast paced as the first. I enjoyed reading it, and was glad that my conclusion as to who the heroine was was accurate. Not sure if I am ready to read the third book in the series.

    Much, much better than the first. Still a touch of deus ex machina at the end, but I can buy it. It sets up the third book beautifully.

    Interesting sequel. We learn a lot more about Lia's inner turmoil and what drives her to her destiny.

    Continuing with the saga, this book picks up neatly where the Wretched of Muirwood left off: Lia has grown and is facing increasingly difficult challenges as befits her experience and her learning.You don't need to have read the first in the series ( although I do recommend it ) to be engaged and understand this story, the writing is engaging and clear. Much of the philosophical touches, little bits of foreshadow precede each chapter, and from there the author masterfully crafts a scene which bo [...]

    This is probably more 4.5 stars. The story is simple and enchanting--very enjoyable. Some of the plot twists are predictable but they aren't any less enjoyable for it. This is storytelling in the vein of The Princess Bride meets The Wheel of Time, with a likable protagonist, true love, and a world where good is pitted against evil. Sometimes the formula just works, and this is no exception.Reading other reviews, there is apparently some sort of connection to Mormonism and this book. I don't read [...]

    I thought for being a middle book this was very strong, I usually don't care very much for the middle in a trilogy, it always feels like a filler book, but this wasn't anything like that.I think this series is fun and well done, the editing definitely got better and that always makes me happy! ;) Really my only problem with the book is the symbolism. I know he says that he takes it from different cultures and religions but the similarities to the Temple just make me uncomfortable, its almost lik [...]

    One of the best compliments I can give for this series, Legends of Muirwood, is that it is one of the few fantasy series I have finished in awhile. This series made me want to come back for more and I wasn't disappointed. Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the series and the main character, Lia, continues to mature and grow in her abilities. She is now the hunter for Muirwood Abbey which faces destruction by the forces of the evil Queen. Lia also has the issue that she is a wretched and wh [...]

    I really liked this book. It carried the themes of the Wretched of Muirwood, but deepened them so much more. The passing of the mastonic test, with all its similarity to ancient temple ceremonies was particularly fascinating to me. Wheeler did a great job weaving ancient beliefs and ceremonies into a traditional fairytale motif. I also liked the deepening of relationships in this book, especially that of Lia and Colvin. It made me really happy that they didn't promptly fall in love and get marri [...]

    I listened to the audio book as I had for the first and will for the third. I find the narrator engaging, this is just my third audio book but if more narrators are as interesting to listen to as this lady is then I will definitely listen to more. Plus I love the fact I can listen to a book going to work This book is so much better then the first! The story is fast paced and action packed. I was worried that the secrets were going to be dragged out in this book but it wasn't the case the author [...]

    This was a free kindle book that I loved! It was even better than the first book in the series! I loved how in this book we really get to see the relationships mature and change. I also loved being able to see Lia really come into her own and mature. This book was so exciting! I can't wait to read the next book!

    This is my FAVORITE book in the Muirwood trilogy. It is AMAZING! The interactions between the characters are memorable. Lia, Colvin and Dieyre are some of my favorite fantasy characters, and I love the way that they play off of each other. The plot is so deep, and there are so many twists and turns that you truly don't know how it's going to end.

    A better offering than the previous story in the series. Some benefit comes from characters that have already been introduced and partially developed, but mostly it was the pacing and general arc layout; it was done better this time around. It still has its flaws, but was a rather enjoyable read all in all.

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