Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness Unburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak Mikhail is content with his life of solitude But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability the power to alter the emotions

  • Title: Dawn of Darkness
  • Author: Daniel A. Kaine
  • ISBN: 9781465813367
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
  • Unburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak, Mikhail is content with his life of solitude But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability the power to alter the emotions of those around him.Ushered into the Military Academy with others like him other Daevas Mikhail does his part to help tip the scales of war against the vampires that deUnburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak, Mikhail is content with his life of solitude But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability the power to alter the emotions of those around him.Ushered into the Military Academy with others like him other Daevas Mikhail does his part to help tip the scales of war against the vampires that destroyed the world and plague what remains of humanity But after going up against his first vampire, Mikhail starts to question everything he thought to be true To discover the truth and expose the lies he once believed, Mikhail will set out on a journey of discovery, and learn some things about himself in the process.

    Dawn of Darkness May , Dawn of Darkness In a distant and mysterious land, in a time long forgotten, an ancient evil emerges from the darkness No one can stand in its way as it spreads through the land, destroying everything in See full summary. Gotham Dawn of Darkness Gotham Wiki FANDOM powered by Gotham Dawn of Darkness Jason Starr Feb , Gotham Dawn of Darkness Jason Starr on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A break in at Wayne Manor The death of a masked intruder Amid the seething crime and corruption of Gotham City Dawn of Darkness Daeva, by Daniel A Kaine Dawn of Darkness Daeva Unburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak, Mikhail is content with his life of solitude But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability the power to alter the emotions of those around him Mikhail is ushered into the Military Academy with others like him other Daevas Dawn of Darkness mod for Quake Mod DB Dawn of Darkness is a complete Total Conversion, including all new weapons, bad guys, maps, textures, models, etc There is even a new inventory system, and a character dialogue system where you can talk to anyone Weapons include a dagger and sword which you use by attacking while moving the mouse in the direction you wish to swing. Dawn of Darkness Fortress Farm Books Kindle Dec , With all the unique world building of speculative fiction, and the pragmatism of One Second After, Dawn of Darkness combines the first two Fortress Farm books, detailing the story of ordinary people forced into extraordinary situations.

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      299 Daniel A. Kaine
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    **2.5 stars**I am going to be the odd man out here and say that I didn't love this book. It is definitely different than anything else out there, and I applaud the author for doing something original. However, it didn't quite click for me for a few reasons.1)The horror aspect. This is totally personal preference but I tend to lean towards the shiny, Hollywood-y vampires vs the gruesome murderous rampage vampires. Here, we mostly see the latter kind. Some of the details were too gory for my likin [...]

    CAUTION: Long Review, SpoilersAt the time of writing this review, Dawn of Darkness combines the two most popular genres — Paranormal and Dystopian — of Young Adult fiction into one substantial read. This is the first time where I read a YA book that was both Paranormal and Dystopian, both genre that I read extensively of in my YA books.DoD is told in the 1st POV from Mikhail's (or Mik as everyone calls him) perspective. The story follows Mik as he start off as a Daeva soldier-graduate of the [...]

    My reaction I got to the end "GOD DAMN IT, I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT THIS BOOK WHEN BOOK 2 IS ALREADY AVAILABLE!!!"Yeah, because while one big plot is finished, there is another kind of 'cliff hanger' regarding one of the characters, which makes me dying to read book #2 right away. Okay, my opinion will have some spoilers and retelling the plot because it helps me to remember what the story is all about (I have short term memory capacity)What the plot is all about: HUGE SPOILER (view spoiler)[The stor [...]

    4.5 stars. It's difficult by now to write a book with werewolves and vampires that feels unique, imaginative and fascinating. In this first book of his fantasy series, Daniel Kaine has achieved exactly that. The narrator, Mik, is a wonderful character, a young man who will grab your heart from the first page and not let go. This book is more fantasy than romance, but the thread of Mik's feelings for his lover Ash carry the reader through the book. Although this book is written for adults, the st [...]

    To use a friend's word, this should have been a minefield for me. A post-apocalyptic world, humans with super abilities, vampires, werewolves, witches, magic, even some telepathy, usually a big no-no, but it turned out to be a very smooth and fascinating ride. Mr. Kaine has wowed me with how he made this amazingly original story with different twists work by slowly unfolding the layers, keeping it balanced, focused and straight-forward. By having Mik tell it in a way I easily understood, made me [...]

    I'm just going to lay this out there at the beginning:The Epilogue Whore was very ANGRY by this book. Because it's a series and it's the first book and it was SO good that by the end of it I wanted it to keep going and it didn't.Why?Because there's another book coming.I seriously want to give this book a 4.95 because of the fact at one point I did want to slap the shit out of Mik, but then I realized that means that Mr. Kaine did an EXCELLENT job writing this character and honestly by the end I [...]

    First let me say how incredible is this world that Daniel Kaine has created in his debut novel Dawn of Darkness. The level to which Mr. Kaine creates this new world is nothing short of amazing. I felt like I was visiting--seeing his world as the pages of his novel unfolded. Set on the planet earth, Kaine creates a place inhabited by both human and supernatural beings. Mikhail, the MC, is one of the "super" human military who have been born with supernatural powers while still retaining human for [...]

    Holy Freaking Cow! What a Fantastic ride!There are some really fabulous reviews out there for this book and they are all correct. The dystopia world, the plot, the characters, the writingl of itere was nothing I didn't LOVE about this. It is one of those books that you are loathed to put down because you have to know RIGHT NOW what is going to happen next. I was handing out post-it notes with a, "I'll kill you if you don't read this," demand. Not that I would actually do bodily harm, I just want [...]

    Just not enough romance for me. I though the beginning was very strong. The way Ash and Mik came together relatively easy was nice. But there wasn't enough of them for me to really love it. I like sweeter romances. Now, what they had was nice, but it was cut short. I want to point out something. This book was not for me because I was looking for more romance than this one had. But, and that is a big but, if you like world building and dystopian type books, you would really like this. The world b [...]

    WHERE'S BOOK 2??? O_ODamn, but this is Daniels first effort at writing and it's gripping An emotional roller coaster ride in places.Characters are well formed with good back grounds. They fit into the plot as required without coming across as filler. The main character is very well formed from the outset. I found it quite easy to be caught up in everything happening.Story has no lag, jumps or plot holes that could easily have annoyed or detracted from the journey.My one criticism of the story is [...]

    4.5 stars.Dawn of Darkness has everything I love about a good book:A fascinating story, unique characters (I love Daniel! ), action, romance and even a little bit of horror! Oh! And a REALLY unexpected ending! Can’t wait for the next book!

    Oh my! I'm so glad I discovered this gem of a book.I usually don't like books told in first person point-of-view but this was just too amazing. We have a diverse cast of characters. The main character, Mikhail, can come off as stand-offish and cold but he has quite a past that reinforces this attitude. But he does soften up as the story progresses, while still retaining those familiar qualities. Also, I really like that he's keen, and has good morals. My other two favorite characters would have [...]

    I just wanna say OMG!! That was freaking awesome I stayed up all night reading it and by the time I was done I was contemplating strangling mr. Kaine for not having the next one done and out it bowing down to his awesomeness I know that sounds cliche and all but I truly loved this story and am so looking forward to more ( are you sure it can't be an ongoing series like forever!) I truly loved every aspect of this story and I can honestly say if I'm asked this is the story I will recommend to any [...]

    Post-apocalypse stories are among my favorite, but I prefer them with a non-paranormal flavor. Said that, this book had a few good things that I think the author should have taken advantage of and that show a lot of promise.I hoped the author would take advantage of the post-apocalyptic setting a bit more. I always found myself glued to the page when there were descriptions of the way nature was taking over cities, of the wild horses, of what was left of the civilization. My favorite parts were [...]

    I can see why Vick's epilogue whore was angry now. =)This is 4.5 stars, rounded down until I determine its rereadability.This is an amazing story. It felt just a touch at its core like the first Matrix movie: there's an alternative to the reality that we know, and once you know, you can't go back to being who you were. The setting and world were thoroughly detailed and the characters and story were the important focii, as they should be.The main character, Mikhail Hart, goes through so much from [...]

    This book is one of the worst I've read in a long time. the author is good, the problem is that the story is stupid, the characters are stupid, and the main character is SO annoying, yet everybody seems to be in love with him!my god, so many parts of this book where cliches, I wanted to screamople who gave this book 5 stars needs to start reading good books, and fastn't read this unless you want to roll your eyes every second page. the author needs to grow up and stop writing like a little girl. [...]

    I also got to beta read this story and fell in love. Read it one setting and a few times felt really guilty because I was enjoying the story too much to stop and critique it. Which isn't a bad thing.The story has everything I love, vampires, werewolves and a bit of magic. There were twists at the end I didn't see coming and I nearly strangled Daniel when it ended because I wanted it to keep going. Fortunately there's two more books. Mik's character was interesting and the way he developed throug [...]

    This was a wonderful read. I'm shocked it's the author's first book! The world created is extremely rich and well detailed. The characters are just vivid and so detailed. Mik is a very troubled soul but so easy to sympathize with. He has lead a troubled and difficult past. When Mik and Ash get together Mik finally seems to have something he has so needed. That is only the beginning though. I'm so looking forward to the next!

    “I can’t really write.” I’ll never forget Mr. Kaine’s statement of not-even-close-to-fact before we began exchanging chapters. Unedited chapters. What should one expect? Certainly not what I received in my Private Message Inbox on the NaNoWriMo site. His story completely blew me away. Chapter by chapter, it unfolds with such depth and humanity that the result is stunning. I found myself utterly pulled into the dystopian world Mr. Kaine imagines; his descriptions are stark, but fluid, a [...]

    Essentially this book hit all my hot buttons. I'm a big fan of apocalypse-themed books, but throw in paranormal/psychic abilities, shifters, vampires AND soldiers? What more could a girl ask for?Mikhail is a Daeva that just graduated from the Military Academy with his team. Daeva's are humans with psychic abilities. Mik's own ability is to alter the emotions of those around him. Ash, the team leader, is an empath and is one of the few who is immune to Mik's power. The other team members are Kat, [...]

    Wow!!!! I got this as a freebie from , and I am shocked that it was offered that way. This is much too good to be free!!!Dawn of Darkness is set in a post-apocalyptic time, where vampires and werewolves are abound and to be feared. Or are they? Vampires are to blame for the apocalypse, and surviving humans have created a city in which they can live free of the dangers posed by these paranormal creatures. Some of them, however, have special powers. Think X-Men-like qualities. They have joined the [...]

    Agh I'm so torn with this book.On the one hand I loved the storyline and the mythology of the Vampires and the Deava, really wonderful. But on the other hand I just can't love a book where I spend most of it wanting to give the main character, Mikhail, a good slap and tell him to get a grip! He really annoyed me, especially with his incessant griping, and constant mentioning of Ash, yes I get he was in love with him but he just came across so needy and desperate. Saying that, the other character [...]

    This was a very good read. I was worried about the cliffhanger, but I kind of loved it. I'm not looking forward to waiting for the next book because I want to know more!!!! I don't really get why this is considered YA beyond it doesn't have the amount of sexual situations most m/m books do. It did have a couple of scenes, so yes there is some smexy. The focus was more on the romance and holding onto that love. I'm totally invested in the couple. From the moment I started this book I had a feelin [...]

    4.5 starsI loved this book. It was easy to read and had an interesting MC. the characters had flaws and the world and mythology were interesting to explore. plus, there were vampires, werewolvesand humans with superpowers (giving off a x-men vibe). it really was a lot of fun and not the dreary post-ap I was expecting. Still, the big twist of the book was sadly painfully obvious and I kept hoping til the end that it would turn out differently or mor complicated. it wasn't just a red herring,thoug [...]

    Daniel has somehow managed to tell the story of a complex world with a rich and complicated history, then populated it with people full of life and, well, character, whether good or bad, and he made the whole thing believable and easily visualized, and he did it with a straight forward writing style that's both engaging and informative while being personalized and character driven. I've never actually written a review, but I think it's time I start. I can't claim to be an authority of any sort, [...]

    That book was amazing. I hate that it took me so long to read, RL sucks at times! But I never lost the plot. It flowed so well. I am amazed this is a first book -- so impressive; not that that is why it is impressive, even as a second, third or even tenth book, it would have packed a punch. It really ticks so many boxes - post apocalyptic, magic, shifters, vamps -- these are a few of my favourite things :-P and the smexy was there too. Of course now I am wishing I had waited for book 2, so i cou [...]

    Post apocalyptic isn't my usual bag, but luckily this one had plenty of vamps, wolves and enhanced humans to keep me going. There is also a sweet romance that had me rooting for the characters all the way through.Despite the paranormal stuff this is a highly original concept and covers a big story with lots of travelling through France and England. One thing I couldn't understand though is; Paris is Paris, Calais is Calais but London is Aldar - what is that about?The writer has created a rich an [...]

    I read a beta version of this and loved it! It's not a typical vamp/supernatural story so it was nice to feel like I hadn't read it before (as I do with many other vampire books out there these days).There's action, romance, suspense, and some sexy time scenes that may very well leave you needing a smoke when you're done reading it. The characters are well rounded and likable. You'll come to care what happens to them.I can't wait to read the final product and you should definitely mark it on you [...]

    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this story. It seemed a bit slow at first and it took a while for me to get into it. Once the story picked up, however, it got really good. I admit to being a bit shocked at a twist. Very well written. Cliffhanger was a bit of a stinker but luckily book 2 is already available. Just hope that one doesn't have a major cliffie. I hate waiting. lol

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