Shaft Shaft has no prejudices He ll kill anyone black or white Who is John Shaft A black Bogart who says the Revolution is a new way to chase chickse Mafia is a meatballd life is going to screw you if you d

  • Title: Shaft
  • Author: Ernest Tidyman
  • ISBN: 9780747537779
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shaft has no prejudices He ll kill anyone black or white Who is John Shaft A black Bogart who says the Revolution is a new way to chase chickse Mafia is a meatballd life is going to screw you if you don t screw it John Shaft is a private eye John Shaft is a black man made of muscle and ice.

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    If ever changes made for a screen adaptation of a book was justified Shaft represents that. In truth whenever I think of the character Richard Roundtree's version will always be the benchmark (the way that some will always use Sean Connery as a James Bond template or will always hear Bogart's voice in their heads when they read The Maltese Falcon). His Shaft was suave, smooth confidence about him and dressed well. The book's John Shaft (along with not having a moustache an add on to the movie [...]

    First, the description of this book calls it the "novelisation" of the movie.Huh?Shaft the novel came first. The movie was adapted from it by its author, an award-winning screenplay writer, along with an award-winning television writer.Second, this is one HELL of a novel. Gripping, profane, violent, and frankly sexual with a bi-racial love affair, while still passionately well-written---Ernest Tidyman foreshadowed the contemporary flood of "edgy" literary fiction by some forty years. That's a wh [...]

    Stay away from this book. STAY AWAY. I thought I'd read this book for the camp/kitsch/irony/pop-culture factor, but it's not even worth it for that. The book is 214 pages long and was so tedious and poorly written that it took me a month and a half to get through. First thing: the book on which the blaxploitation film classic is based was written by a white guy. A white guy named "Ernest Tidyman", to be exact, which sounds like a neurotic, OCD-addled mensch whose mother dresses him. Maybe he is, [...]

    Ernest Tidyman, Shaft (Bantam, 1971)[originally posted 12Jun2000]Hollywood pounced on Ernest Tidyman's afro-sporting overly brutal private eye, releasing the film of Shaft in the same year as the novel upon which it is based. Not surprisingly for a 1971 film, it's toned down. John Shaft is a tough-talking twenty-nine-year-old tightly-wrapped mass of violence waiting to explode. He is hired by Harlem narcotics boss Knocks Persons to retrieve Persons' kidnapped daughter. To that end, Shaft recruit [...]

    Meh. Two stars seems a bit harsh, but really, the best I can say is it was okay. Tidyman tries way too hard to be tough and edgy, without really being convincing. Sure, there is a lot of violence (Shaft is willing to be cold-bloodedly murderuos, which, admittedly, is a bit unusual even for hard-boiled detective heroes), and cursing, and racism, and a bit of gratuitous sex ("'this is why you're called Shaft'"--yes, really), but there doesn't seem to be much depth or texture to it. Too many scenes [...]

    We read this as the inaugural book for the WTF? Bookclub- an online collection of misfits who sporadically engage in group reads, of both the serious and the ridiculous.Good lord, was it ever awful. Homophobic, misogynistic, racist, anti-semetic, and uber-violent, John Shaft is a big dick in every sense of the wordd Ernest Tidyman is no better. (but probably cuts a less dashing figure in a leather jacket)

    A rare instance where the movie was better than the book it was based on. This is an exercise in style over substance. Not particularly well written, it tries too hard to be edgy. This John Shaft is a murderous dick.

    Any book where the hero saves the girl by inciting a race riot as a distraction is good times! Should I have said spoiler alert?

    Romanzo datato. Anche la questione razziale,che traspare, mi sembra confusa.Francamente tre stelle stiracchiate.

    The first, and among the best of the Shaft books. Tidyman weaves a very tight plot centred around his creation of John Shaft. Shaft is written as a tough, streetwise private eye who was brought up in the rough streets of Harlem. His decision to work as a private eye based in the "white" area of Manhattan is viewed by his black acquaintances as a betrayal. This is most notably protested by the character of Ben Buford, a militant with whom Shaft had grown up with in Harlem, but also by the gangste [...]

    Shaft, schwarzer Privatdetektiv im New York der Siebziger, spürt dass etwas in der Luft liegt. Gerüchte machen die Runde, keiner weiß etwas Genaues und bei dem Auftrag, die Tochter eines Bandenchefs aufzuspüren, findet sich Shaft plötzlich zwischen allen Fronten wieder. Bandenkriege, Rassenkämpfe - die Stadt wird zum Hexenkessel und Shaft muss nun auch um sein Leben kämpfen.Wow, allein schon der Anfang! Ich wusste überhaupt nicht mehr, wie energiegeladen die Musik dieser Serie ist. Unver [...]

    All the classic tropes/cliches of the hard-boiled detective genre filtered through what will become known as blaxploitation and it is pretty glorious and a lot of fun.There is a vibe and energy that carries you along and Tidyman has a way with language that adds a spark and humor to the narration.Probably no more realistic than Bond's England, but Shaft's New York is vibrant, dangerous and exciting.Shaft deals with cops, bad guys and the world in general just by being smarter and cooler than any [...]

    I knew Ernest Tidyman as the screenwriter of the movie SHAFT (he also wrote the screenplays for FRENCH CONNECTION and HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER), so when I found out he adapted the screenplay from his own novel, I was intrigued.The novel SHAFT is a solid read. Nothing particularly new, but well-written and it has some twists and turns. The most surprising element is the depth of character. John Shaft is a far more well-rounded character in the novel than the film would suggest.I have a stack of READ a [...]

    Musta yksityisetsivä John Shaft hoitaa mustan rikollispomon kadonneeseen tyttäreen liittyvän toimeksiannon, nipun italialaisia gangstereita ja muutaman matkan varrelle osuvan naisen Ernest Tidymanin kovaksikeitetyssä dekkarissa "Shaft" (Tammi, 1973). Vuonna 1970 ilmestynyttä romaania ei voi pitää erityisen ikimuistettavana, vaikka sen viileässä päähenkilössä tiettyä karismaa onkin. Luulenpa, että kirja olisi jäänyt tyystin unholaan, ellei sen pohjalta olisi seuraavana vuonna teh [...]

    John Shaft es el alter ego de James Bond en versión afro-americana. En el libro se basó la película, con varias secuelas, y la serie de televisión. Se trata de un investigador privado que viste de cuero negro y calza un pistolón de aupa.

    Come tutti i libri del genere, questo titolo è per chi cerca emozioni forti, un po’ di sana e letteraria adrenalina, come avviene nel cinema vedendo i film proposti da Quentin Tarantino o Guy Ritchie.piegodilibri/recensioni

    An excellent primer on style over substance. He took something from Chandler, but it's unclear exactly what.

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