Blood and Light

Blood and Light

Blood and Light This version is NO LONGER available in ebook or print

  • Title: Blood and Light
  • Author: Rue Volley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This version is NO LONGER available in ebook or print.

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    • Free Read [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ Blood and Light - by Rue Volley Ë
      426 Rue Volley
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      Posted by:Rue Volley
      Published :2019-07-04T04:05:13+00:00

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    Gave up around 30%. The dialogue was juvenile at best, story-telling left much to be desired. The editing was atrocious. If you are comfortable wading through hordes of run on sentences (which were paragraphs long!), many misspelled words, and unedited books in general, feel free to give this a go. I found it distracted from the story enough that I just plain didn't care and was too aggravated to continue. I purchased the entire series at once, sadly I will not be continuing.

    Where to start? I loved the story. Or maybe it was just Josh, but mostly it was the story, and Rue (the character).The story starts with Rue acting like a normal book worm anti-social teenager. (Hello, Lori Parker 11 12yrs ago). <--- Don't do the math. I beg you, do not do the math!!!Of course, she can like"flick" static electricty off of herself. Oh and her parents are never around, for various reasons, and her brother is a shitty cook. Ok, so her mom is in the mental hospital. That's a pret [...]

    My Thoughts:One of my favorite genres to read has always been vampires, but after awhile and you have read SOOO many vampire novels, you have to give the vamps a rest and try a new "outside your comfort zone" genre, so I have been visiting with some other friends like werewolves, faries, witches and even some shapeshifters and a whole lot of romance. Sometimes when you read too much of one genre they all seem to blend together and become not boring but just the same.When I agreed to read this se [...]

    I really wish we were allowed to give 10 star reviews on books because this one would be on the top of the list. I would love to pick thru Ms. Volley’s brain one day and see where she gets her stories to entertain us as she writes so many different genres for all to enjoy. This one I have to say out of all the books I’ve read of hers is definitely my favorite and I found myself up till 3 am reading it because I had to know what was going to happen. So move over all big named authors because [...]

    Today's review is on Blood and Light by Rue VolleyBlood and Light is the first installment in Volley's Blood and Light series. I agreed to review this book based on it's summary and was looking forward to a new and exciting story. However, this 400+ page book was like an albatross tied around my neck.Though the central premiss of the story is enticing, the story seemed to go on and on and on. The characters kept being captured over and over by the same group and ending up in the same places. Bor [...]

    I fell in love with the characters of this book! Ms. Volley has a great way of expressing her characters feelings and she takes you on a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotion through out this book. Don't read any more if you don't want spoilers! When the story begins Rue is almost child like but soon grows in her powers and knowledge and matures throughout the story. She falls in love with the handsome and charismatic Jonathon, but then there is Josh, who is snarky and fun and always in her f [...]

    It started out slow, and I had to get used to the writing (it sort of annoyed me in the beginning how much the names are said!) I nearly gave up and moved on to something else, but then it was like flipping the page turned the light on and it got quite interesting the further I read the more I didn't want to put it down. and then it hits you with a cliff hanger from out of nowhere! I immediately downloaded #2, Smoke and Mirrors. Can't wait to see what happens with Rue and Josh :) You can just to [...]

    Was the Authors . key broken because I found it hard to read this book with the sentences randomly broken by a string of 's. And really why did she type with caps lock on when the characters were yelling, this made me want to stop reading and delete the book from my kindle.

    Ebook: Blood and Light (The Blood and Light Vampire Series)Author: Rue VolleyFiction, Paranormal,This review may contain spoilersSummary: Enter into the world of 16 year-old Rue Volleywho, up until one fateful night, thought she was "normal" or as "normal" as she could be. But "normal" does not include being a vampirea truth about herself that she will soon discover.Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota.led in the thick woods lining the Great Lakes. Rue, along with her [...]

    Every now and then a book comes along and after reading you tell yourself that you are so glad that you picked it up and gave it a chance to tell you a story.Rue Volley's "Blood & Light" just so happens to be one of those books. From the first few paragraphs you feel your are there living the book along with each compelling character.This book is perfect for those who love to have a novel take them through all types emotions, and those who love to actually feel what they are reading.A wonder [...]

    First off. I do believe I have an old copy. Some editing etc in my copy is needed. This has since been rectified and I am happy to report that editing etc is not a problem in this new copy.That being said.The start of Rue's story gripped me.The author did an amazing job in describing the loss a girl feels as she loses a parent.I loved this part.This is not a typical book and for that I am glad, a bit too sexy for me though. I know, I know, I am the only one in the world that would say this but i [...]

    This is quite well written, despite the editing errors. It's good value for a YA read, but I had issues with the repetitive nature of the novel which made it a slow read and boring. The precept of the story is good, but I don't think it's for me, and I suspect I will never finish it.

    I'm sure we all know tons of books about vampires and maybe, you are just tired of them. Well, don't be. Rue Volley, the author of this series, introduces us to a new kind of vampire. Forget the feeding on blood stuff, the "if I go out and the sun hits me I'll burn to death" and the "garlic and crosses are a big no".The story begins with Rue, our main character trying to survive her brother's cooking skill (or the lack of it to be honest) and visiting their mother, Grace, who suddenly a year ago [...]

    I'm sure we all know tons of books about vampires and maybe, you are just tired of them. Well, don't be. Rue Volley, the author of this series, introduces us to a new kind of vampire. Forget the feeding on blood stuff, the "if I go out and the sun hits me I'll burn to death" and the "garlic and crosses are a big no".The story begins with Rue, our main character trying to survive her brother's cooking skill (or the lack of it to be honest) and visiting their mother, Grace, who suddenly a year ago [...]

    This is the story of Rue and Kai. They are vampires, but don’t think they live in coffins or sparkle in the sunlight. They are from an old race that protects the world, protectors. They need energy to survive so they can brush up against people or drink their blood. They also can manipulate energy, which is a lot like magic, and can move super fast.Because of the civil was between the protectors, the radical group that believes that humans are nothing more then cattle has been in power. Rue’ [...]

    Four ½ starsFirst I have to say, I am an author as well, and I already adore Rue Volley as a person, but I’m here to give a fair and honest review. Second, the edition I read has been edited, (for errors not content), and updated since I purchased mine some months ago. I’ll be uploading the newest edition ASAP. I started reading this book after a long spell of editing my own work and beta reading for others. At the start, I had difficulty just reading because my inner-editor wouldn’t shut [...]

    This book begins with a slightly older Rue in a Mental Hospital. She has no memories and you journey with her through her time there while she tries to remember her past. There's many twists and turns. She leads you on many a path that will bring you back to where she began.You also visit with many of the other characters from her first two books, their stories all interlock together into a magnificent story.Rue Volley creates another book to her Blood & Light Series that leaves you wanting [...]

    Rue is a 17yo girl, but she's not any normal girl, she has a shock coming to her.KAI - Rues Brother drags her to a party, because she never gets out, she lives in her own little world But things are about to change. at the party she meets a young man called Johnathan, and the two hit it off straight away. while this is going on Rues mum is in a hospital not spoken for years but one night she speaks and say Rues in trouble. Right back to Rue, Rue and Johnathan are getting down and dirty lol, and [...]

    Full, non-spoiler review courtesy at Book & Movie Dimension a BlogRue has been deeply alone for a long time and her brother just wants to see her happy so he decides to get her to go to a party. What happens next involves lots of power struggles along with uncontrolled attractions. If you are to read these books you'll become obsessed that is a promise! I'm reading Book 2, Smoke and Mirrors ( Need to get all the books!) and it's continuing some major energy charged and wickedly stunning figh [...]

    ok so this book is 400 pages long but to me it only means you are getting more for your money! A fab read that most definatly should not be split up, rue will definatly become known as an author whose books could stop a burgler at 20 paces. No one is getting up after having one of them thrown at themThe story itself is great and doesnt relay on sex to get it through which is quite a difficult thing to achieve in your average sized book. Thourghly enjoyed this book and cant wait to read the next. [...]

    This is a 200 page book that has been stretched to 600 pages with badly written waffle. The author never says anything succintly when she can write pages of tedious dialogue. I struggled on to 50% but life is too short for this drivel.

    Free today 19th Aug 2012 on Convoluted plot, too many characters, annoying teen speak, poor grammar, could not continue Don't understand its high rating, lots of author's friends perhaps?

    I could not even get into this book. It did not capture my interest and I felt like it was moving slowly. The layout on the kindle edition is horrible and I also could not handle how the characters talked.

    i absolutely loved everything about this book. rue i can not wait to continue reading this series, amazing. really thank you for an absolutely amazing read.

    Didn't hate it; it just wasn't for me I guess. I was unable to find the interest to ever finish the book (which I bought based on the recommendations).

    It started out slow but I fell in love with the characters pretty quickly and was hooked it was a great read.

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