The Crowded Grave

The Crowded Grave

The Crowded Grave Another delectable serving of mystery and the pleasures of the Dordogne from the newest master of suspense Martin Walker It s spring in the idyllic village of St Denis and for Chief of Police Bruno

  • Title: The Crowded Grave
  • Author: MartinWalker
  • ISBN: 9781849163217
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Another delectable serving of mystery and the pleasures of the Dordogne from the newest master of suspense, Martin Walker It s spring in the idyllic village of St Denis, and for Chief of Police Bruno Courreges that means lamb stews, bottles of his beloved Pomerol, morning walks with his hound, Gigi and a new string of regional crimes and international capers When a locAnother delectable serving of mystery and the pleasures of the Dordogne from the newest master of suspense, Martin Walker It s spring in the idyllic village of St Denis, and for Chief of Police Bruno Courreges that means lamb stews, bottles of his beloved Pomerol, morning walks with his hound, Gigi and a new string of regional crimes and international capers When a local archaeological team looking for Cro Magnon and Neanderthal remains turns up a corpse with a watch on its wrist and a bullet in its head, it s up to Bruno to solve the case But the task will not be easy, not with a meddlesome new magistrate eager to make a strong impression, an ongoing series of attacks by animal rights activists on local foie gras producers, and a nearby summit between France and Spain approaching not to mention two beautiful, brilliant women vying for Bruno s affections Complicating events even further, the professor in charge of the dig is soon reported missing, leading Bruno to suspect that the past and the present are bound up in dangerous ways As summer approaches, the wine growing cooler and the fruit sweeter, Bruno s investigations take him indelibly deeper into contemporary Europe s dark history of terrorist and counterterrorist tactics and toward a dramatic finale As savory as foie gras, as piquant as vin de noix, and as richly complex as the region s truffles, The Crowded Grave is a feast for mystery lovers and Francophiles alike.

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    Like the previous books in this series, a number of serious international issues are combined with Bruno's personal dramas supported by a cast of colorful characters to let it all work out in the end. The actions and events are hilarious, serious, sad and happy.Three major issues hit St Denis in the Perigord region of France: 1) An important summit between Spain and France on the combat of Basque terrorism and the undercover actions of the Spanish police in France;2) A historically important arc [...]

    The Crowded Grave is the 4th book in the wonderful series, Bruno, Chief of Police. This is a mystery, a thriller and a walk through the French Countryside all wrapped up in one. This is one of the best in the series. The books stay fresh with the continued introduction of new and interesting characters and the continual presence of old ones.There is something in the way that Martin Walker writes his characters that makes this series stand out from the rest. No one feels like a caricature and alt [...]

    This is the fourth in Martin Walker's Bruno series and, in many ways, the best so far. The Brigadier again has a prominent role and so we spend time dealing with international matters - an area where a small town Chief of Police seems an unlikely participant. The author just about pulls it off, and can be forgiven because Basque terrorism doesn't completely overshadow the lesser crime scene in St Denis.The people - and the cuisine - are infinitely beguiling, while personal relationships are hand [...]

    I am in love with Bruno. I would love for him to cook for me in his cottage. I don't understand Isabelle but if she doesn't want him, I sure do!

    Almost as much a travel book as a police procedural, The Crowded Grave features a local cop, Bruno Courrèges, who can hold his own with members of France's various national police forces while keeping life smooth for farmers, villagers and tourists in the fictional community of St. Denis. Amid the spectacular food, wine and scenery of the Dordogne region, Bruno finesses the quirks of French bureaucracy and politics to make sure that the misguided get a second chance and that a brutal terrorist [...]

    This book was good. My wife would hate it because of the ending. 4 books to come to this ending. His next book should take care of that. I won't spoil the book with what happened but it's a good read. A glass of wine and a book. What could be better.

    I really love the way Martin Walker combines history, food/wine, and mystery. His characters are wonderfully developed. There is a lot of archaeological fun facts in this one, lots of recipes and a traumatic ending. Get me some duck fat! LOL

    First Sentence: For once, the chef de police of the small French town of St. Denis was carrying a gun.It is a busy time for police chief Bruno Courrèges. Local farmers of geese and ducks are being set upon by members of PETA who oppose fois gras. A local archeology site has turned up four skeleton’s-- three that could cause a significant change in the science of evolution, one much more recent who was murdered—and now the head of the dig has gone missing. A high level summit is about to tak [...]

    The Crowded Grave is the 4th book in the Bruno, Chief of Police mystery series, by Martin Walker, a series that very quickly became one of my favourites. Bruno is the police chief in the small French hamlet of St. Denis and the stories for the most part focus on cases and the lives of the people who reside in the community and surrounding area.In The Crowded Grave, Bruno investigates a body discovered at an archeological dig and crimes against local foie gras producers. As well, he is seconded t [...]

    This is another excellent entry in the Bruno Chief of Police series, and this series is fast becoming one of my very favourites. I am now waiting for someone to get the marvelous idea to make a television series from Martin Walker's wonderful books. I somehow missed this particular book in my reading through the list, so I read it just now, after I had already read the next one in the series. I therefore knew some of the stuff that was going to happen, but that did not spoil the book at all for [...]

    I nearly stopped reading this book, it did not hold my interest in the beginning. The story involves two things that just don't pop my cork - international terrorist movements and foie gras farming (or is it ranching?). However, the book had gotten high praise and is part of an on-going series with a single detective - I love series & hadn't ever tried this one, so I kept reading. The middle third of the book was great, but the ending was kind of flat for me. The book left too many secondary [...]

    My next in this most enjoyable series and my final book of 2017.I like France but although I have never been to the Perigord District , nor spent more that a month there at a time, I can so clearly imagine the backdrop of small town french life onto which this story unfolds.Each of the series so far has had at their core a different aspect of French Life/History and, as well as enjoying the story, I feel that I have learnt something in each.Another aspect of these books that I like are the descr [...]

    I loved "Black Diamond" by Walker so had high hopes for this title. It just didn't work for meI couldn't get interested in the story. *Spoiler - Pet tragedyI hated the ending. What was the point?!

    I like this author's writing a lot, but this book was not for me. The international terrorist and counterterrorist plot line became the major focus of the story, and it was of no interest to me. The book ends too quickly in an upsetting frenzy of action that left me sad and unsatisfied. Too many loose ends and unanswered questions remained.

    The Crowded GraveBy Martin Walker4 starspp. 314I was pleased to see that a new Bruno, Chief of Police had been released as I had enjoyed a previous book by Martin Walker The Dark Vineyard. I can say that The Crowded Grave lived up to my expectations and I appreciated the development of the characters, the mystery, the setting and the descriptions of the food and wine of the region.Bruno Courreges is The Chief of Police for the village of St. Denis in Dordogne, France. Bruno embraces his home, th [...]

    4 1/2 stars for the series3 1/2 stars for this installmentI continue to love this series for how well-developed the characters are, for the location, the Perigord region of France, and the commune of St Denis and for how the stories are about more than just the murder and whodunit. In The Crowded Grave we have an unannounced summit between France and Spain on the Basque terrorism issue. It's to be located in St Denis with Bruno enlisted by "the brigadier" to help with security. Then there is an [...]

    My reasons for enjoying the Martin Walker series Bruno Chief of Police remain the same: the author's description of the beauty and history found within the Périgord countryside, the warmth and character of the people who live there, the description of meals prepared - all of the above brings this lesser known corner of France very much alive. The weakness for me lies in the storyline itself and the final rush of everything coming together. Still, all in all, a good read. You can be sure I'll be [...]

    Bruno is as delightful a character one could hope to meet. Walker's depiction of this part of France is spot on. I was only there a week so I cant pretend to speak with authority, but it did make me miss it and want to return. The mystery is a good one and the pacing is leisurely, just the way I like it with this series. Enthusitically recommended.

    Liked it a lot altho one of my favorite characters meets an untimely end.(reason for 4 not 5 stars) Walker carefully blends life in a small French town with mystery and contemporary life to make a wonderful read! Highly recommend series.

    I feel like this was an improvement on previous books in the series. Still not something I can see myself re-reading, though. It makes me sad that the US publisher is putting these out a year after the UK editions.

    So enjoyable for anyone who has any knowledge of France (especially rural France). Fun characters and an easy, pleasant style. Plus an interesting topic - archaeology, scientific research rivalries, PETA protesters and Basque separatists - it doesn't get more topical than all of this.

    It's great to see that this series is still going as good as ever. Bruno is a well-written character and The Crowded Grave was to me his best mystery solved yet.

    I decided to take a break from my serious reading to catch up with Chief of Police Bruno Courrèges from the idyllic village of St. Denis in the Dordogne region of France. This is the fourth entry in the popular series.Billed as mysteries, the books are as much travelogs and gourmet cookbooks. Bruno is an accomplished chef who enjoys cooking for his friends and promoting the famous cuisine of the region. One of the staples of that cuisine is foie gras and that plays an important role in this sto [...]

    Once more Bruno is forced to juggle responsibilities manfully in the Perigord town of St Denis.Archaeological students involved in an important dig of a Neanderthal site are also suspected of an Animal Rights attack on a goose and duck farm. Meanwhile one of the same students has uncovered a far more recent body buried at the dig.A new female vegetarian magistrate has arrived to ruffle the feathers of the local carnivores while The Brigadier arrives with Carlos, a Spanish Antiterrorism officer, [...]

    I think this is the second Bruno mystery I have read and I think I listened to one on tape. This one I really enjoyed, and it served as a great distraction during a time of personal stress. Good story involving Basque terrorists, good food, sex, horses and lovely contryside. I now feel like I know more about Bruno, and he's a very likeable character (not to mention a good lover and cook!).Walker does a great job description the countryside. Get a real feel for this imaginary village and its inha [...]

    I absolutely love how this series shows the impact of France's history on the events of today. We can never fully escape the past, and in this book a skeleton discovered during an archaeological dig sets the action into motion. Local politics, animal rights, Basque separatists, and Bruno's love life all come together in a tightly-woven story line.The complexities of French bureaucratic and police structure are something that I wish were outlined in supplemental material. Also, this book had me p [...]

    See my review of the third book in the series (Black Diamond) for details. Again, this is a way-too-busy book that seems to have not figured out what it wants to be when it grows up. International spy thriller? Village mystery? Romantic suspense? I don't know. How a small town like St Denis manages to be at the center of an international security risk every book is beyond me. (In this book, it was a group of Basque terrorists.) And Bruno wibbling and hand-wringing over his romantic entanglements [...]

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