The Fallen

The Fallen

The Fallen Chloe King is a normal girl She goes to class most of the time fights with her mom and crushes on a boy or two But around her sixteenth birthday Chloe finds that perhaps she isn t so normal after

  • Title: The Fallen
  • Author: Celia Thomson Liz Braswell
  • ISBN: 9781442441378
  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook
  • Chloe King is a normal girl She goes to class most of the time , fights with her mom, and crushes on a boy or two But around her sixteenth birthday, Chloe finds that perhaps she isn t so normal after all There s the heightened night vision, the super fast reflexes oh, and the claws As she discovers who she is and where she comes from it is clear she is not aloneChloe King is a normal girl She goes to class most of the time , fights with her mom, and crushes on a boy or two But around her sixteenth birthday, Chloe finds that perhaps she isn t so normal after all There s the heightened night vision, the super fast reflexes oh, and the claws As she discovers who she is and where she comes from it is clear she is not alone And someone is trying to get her Chloe has nine lives But will nine be enough

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    When a reporter on GMA said that the new tv series based on the book would be "like a combination between Buffy and Twilight" I was intrigued. So, I got a sample on my kindle, breezed through it and found myself strangely wanting more. I bought it and read it in one sitting. It has that effect that The Sims has on you. You know it's sorta brainless, it's an easy read, you spend time trying to get to one level just to realize you could reach another in 10 minutes, but once you actually walk away [...]

    Like many before me, I picked up The Nine Lives of Chloe King after watching the television adaptation. Usually, I prefer original material over dramatizations, but that does not seem to be the case in regards to this series. I admit Thomson's version had potential. The premise is unique in respect to drawing on Egyptian mythology to create a heroine developing supernatural powers. Yet what could have been an homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in reality a whole bunch of melodramatic nonsense [...]

    I recently discovered that ABC Family is going to be doing a new show based on the book series, The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The previews caught me by surprised and looked so interesting that I had to, of course, immediately go out and find the first book in the series. I'm one of those people who, if I can, enjoy reading the book before watching the movie or show and since I knew I'd be watching the show, I just had to read the book.Ooooo - it's a good book!For those interested on June 7, 2011 [...]

    Chloe King is a book about a girl who has cat abilities but there is a alliance named "The Order of the Tenth Blade" who wants to kill people like her. I chose this book because the title made me relate to a series I had read when I was younger named “Warrior Cats” which I loved, it had clans of cats who are warriors and Chloe has cat abilities. I could really relate to Chloe’s thoughts and challenges she faces in school. Chloe thought like a normal teen except she had surreal powers. The [...]

    I have a feeling I'm going to annoy someone out there. Sorry in advance!!! I found this book to be captivating enough to have to read it in one sitting and far far far better than the super sweet sugary ABC series. But then I'm from the U.K. and find these USA t.v. series made from young adult fiction to concentrate far too much on how people look (Paul in the t.v. Series is a token ethnic minority soooooo contrived), they are completely shallow it's as if some t.v. Exec has taken all the gritty [...]

    God I hate this series. Wait isn't this only the first book? Yes true but once upon a time ABC Family decided to adapt another book series into a show that was cancelled in its first season. Of course I called it before everyone else and I enjoyed the sweet tears of fans when they ended it. None of the characters are enjoyable. Chloe herself was a stupid teenager. She wants to be daring so she hooks up with three guys in like a span of a chapter. Most of the story is about her pathetic teen life [...]

    When the Nine Lives of Chloe King started up on ABC Family this summer I fell in love with yet another series. The show was captivating. Shortly after I heard that it was a book and had to read it. Needless to say I was quite disappointed, which is unusual because I normally love the books of TV shows or movies that I watch. I found the Chloe in the book annoying and the relationship between her and her mother strained in comparison to the fine balance of single mom parent and friend routine tha [...]

    AdventureDarien MundenChloe King's life was pretty average until she falls off the edge of a building and dies. When she magically springs back to life, and pukes her guts out, her friends are, to say the least, surprised. Yet, Chloe isn't just alive, but changed. As she later discovers she is a "Mai", an ancient race of cat-like beings who were mystic advisers to the pharaohs themselves! Now she has to deal with an Order of slayers trying to kill her at every twist and turn simply for what she [...]

    Oana: Ce părere ai avut despre carte în momentul în care ai citit-o?Irina: Eu sincer m-am bucurat de ea şi am devorat-o cuvânt cu cuvânt, literă cu literă. Mi-a oferit ocazia de a mă ataşa de personaje şi de a le cunoaşte lumea. Întreaga acţiune a fost neaşteptată, iar cartea a fost plină de suspans şi de mister.Tu ce crezi?Oana: Trebuie să recunosc că aveam în plan altceva să citesc. Însă când mi-ai povestit despre ea şi cât de mult ţi-a plăcut, am hotărât să o [...]

    The nine lives of Chloe king by Celia Thomson was an amaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzing book. I really liked the character Amy Martin,shes Chloe kings best friend. Her quirkiness and humor attracts me to Amy. The book is about a ordinary girl who lives in life full of drama. On her 16th birthday Chloe finds out she has nine lives like a cat. Chloe found out she had nine lives because of her newly found friends who knew she had powers. Her powers include super speed,fast reflexes,jumping high, and basicall [...]

    I'm disappointed with this story and wouldn't recommend it, however I've heard the television adaptation was better. I can't verify if this is true.The book I read, The Fallen, could have been great. The concept for Chloe's character was really interesting. There was so much potential! Unfortunately, I don't believe that I've ever read such a poorly written traditionally published novel geared towards young adults. In the first chapter, Chloe King falls off of Coit Tower, a two hundred foot drop [...]

    I'm deciding on a four for lots of reasons. First of all, I'm reading this as a bind up but I wanted to separate the books in case I didn't feel like reading the second one right away (which is the case) so good choice, Past Rachel.Anyway.This book was really good. I'm a huge fan of oldish bind-ups that publishers re-bind and market as new again (you guys know I'm a huge Christopher Pike and Elizabeth Chandler fan). I just find they have a certain feel to them, like I don't know, they're differe [...]

    As I type this review, I still couldn't decide if I'd give this two stars, two point five, three, or three point five.Yes, I liked the show better, but after rereading this, the book was somehow good too (the show's still better).Chloe King is a "cat person", as she would call herself. She fell off a high tower and miraculously survive the fall (hence, the title). After that, weird things start to happen. She almost kills a person because she made out with him, she starts to have better senses, [...]

    “Flying daggers don't kill people, Chloe thought, leaping sidewise at the last minute to avoid one, grabbing the pedestrian rail. People kill people.” Review on Amina Black This was a super fast reading, I was really amazed that I finished the book in about 6 hours. I was really skeptical about it since it seems that the book series hasn't got that many fans. As most of the readers I decided to give it a try mostly because of the TV Show since it was canceled and I still have a couple of que [...]

    Chloe is a typical girl a bit boy crazy and acts like a teenager by fighting with her mom and cuts class once in a while. Around her 16th birthday she started noticing strange changes -- a bit cat-like really, including the claws. She feels alone with these changes and doesn't understand where they came from or if there is anyone else like her. She stops worrying so much about that once she finds out that someone is out to kill her because of what she is -- whatever that may be.I started reading [...]

    2.5 stars. I picked up this book after watching the first season of ABC Family's TV adaptation. Although the show was fairly ridiculous, it had interesting elements, and I wanted to know how things got resolved after the crazy cliffhanger season finale. For some reason (probably a misplaced trust in ), I was under the impression that the TV series followed the books closely--and boy, was I wrong! Brian's character in particularly is quite different. And most of the characters' personalities take [...]

    Just turning 16, Chole King's life changes once she falls off a 20 ft tower and doesnt die. Her body goes through some unusual changes of that of a normal teenager. She now has long sharp cat like nails and can run and jum faster than ever. But whats really get strange is the 3 new guys in her life and a stalker thats trying to kill her and shadowy figure that has the same abilities as her. Are the 3 new guy somehow connected to this stalker or this mysterious person or should she just not trust [...]

    Reading this book was like watching an episode of Lost. There was the impression that alot was occurring and things were moving forward, until the very end when you suddenly realized you were no more enlightened as to what was happening than before you started reading the book (or watching the episode). In fact, I finished this book with more questions than answers, much like I finished the first season of Lost. And so, I deign to continue reading this series (as I deigned to continue watching L [...]

    First read: don't remember now, somewhere in 2013 4 starsSecond read: 24 Nov 2014 - 3 starsI was thinking to go with two stars, but I actually enjoyed the story. The superpower thing and the action. I am a fan of one character and that is Alek. I liked Chloe when she was acting mature and was really thinking about what is actually going one, which didn't happened that often. But overall I think this is a good book. And it is a little bit different of what I read in the YA gendre. So I recommend [...]

    DNFThis is one of those books that bored me so much that the only way I'm having fun is by talking about how bored I was.Honestly, if you don't have at least one book that made you or still makes you feel this way, you're lying.I have no interest in continuing the series (or this book, for that matter) and I can't be sorry about it.

    No me gustó tanto, pensé que tratandose de una chica-gato me iba a gustar porque AMO a los gatos, pero nop. El intento de triangulo amoroso está un poco demasiado forzado, y no me lo creo. Probablemente lea el segundo solo para saber con cual se queda, la cosa de la organizacion que los quiere ver muertos no me produce nada.

    I wished the main character, Chloe, had been more likable. She's bitchy, over-hormonal, and slightly self-destructive. Plus she hated her mother for no reason.I liked the concept enough to keep me reading, but I really detested the character.I would have given it on star, but for some reason I still want to read the next book and for that I gave the an extra star.

    This was a 2.5-er, really, but I rounded up because I would possibly read the second book at some point, if I happened across it and it was free/super cheap. But I didn't feel it was very well written, and a lot of it just seemed.ture. I still kind of want to visit Coit Tower though

    Totally average :/ Didn't like this one much at all really. So typical, and predictable, but still alright. Just so weird how she (view spoiler)[never assumed that what was happening to her was weird She never questioned it. (hide spoiler)]

    I read this when I was 12I remember I admired and pitied Chloeand the story stayed with me for a long time =)

    I watched the tv show back when it was on and enjoyed it. This was not nearly as good as the tv show. The premise that a girl falls off a tower and survives and the whole ancient cat-like race business IS interesting. Unfortunately most of this gets lost in lots of teen drama and cattiness (no pun intended). Chloe came off like a snobby, whiny, slut-shamer who was far too self-involved and honestly not focused enough on the whole part-cat business as she should have been. And we don't even get t [...]

    DNF at 36%I watched the tv show when it first aired on ABC Family and I was so upset when they cancelled it. This book was such a disappointment to me and I couldn't get myself to finish it I may have liked it more when I was in high school around the time the show was on tv.

    This was a very easy read. I like how it keeps you guessing on what could happen next. I was somewhat expecting the end but there was a twist I didn't see coming. I'm glad I have the whole seriesonto the second one!

    Jak na czytadło na nastolatek, jest całkiem niezła. Jedna z niewielu interesujących i prawdopodobnych charakterologicznie bohaterek w literaturze młodzieżowej.

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