Astrarium Alexandria Egipto Durante um mergulho a arque loga Isabella Warnock descobre finalmente o artefacto lend rio que procura h anos o astr rio um misterioso dispositivo que segundo a lenda mold

  • Title: Astrarium
  • Author: T.S. Learner Ângelo dos Santos Pereira
  • ISBN: 9789724620022
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alexandria, Egipto, 1977 Durante um mergulho, a arque loga Isabella Warnock descobre finalmente o artefacto lend rio que procura h anos o astr rio, um misterioso dispositivo que, segundo a lenda, moldou os destinos de reis e fara s desde o in cio dos tempos e que teria sido usado por Mois s e Cle patra.Mas a sua descoberta tem um custo terr vel e a responsabilidade de mAlexandria, Egipto, 1977 Durante um mergulho, a arque loga Isabella Warnock descobre finalmente o artefacto lend rio que procura h anos o astr rio, um misterioso dispositivo que, segundo a lenda, moldou os destinos de reis e fara s desde o in cio dos tempos e que teria sido usado por Mois s e Cle patra.Mas a sua descoberta tem um custo terr vel e a responsabilidade de manter o inestim vel objecto em seguran a, e evitar que o Egipto mergulhe no caos, recai sobre o seu marido Oliver Deparando se com um inimigo obscuro e um culto poderoso capaz de tudo para se apoderar do tesouro, Oliver catapultado para uma corrida vertiginosa a fim de proteger um segredo antigo num perigoso mundo de conspira o e egiptologia, onde a magia e as lendas colidem violentamente com as cren as modernas.

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      310 T.S. Learner Ângelo dos Santos Pereira
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    A primeira coisa que me chamou a atenção ao livro foi logo a capa, que sinceramente achei fascinante.Infelizmente, a obra não esteve à altura das expectativas que criei em torno do grande mistério do astrário.Pontos positivos:- A trama passa-se essencialmente no Egipto,- Foca-se muito na mitologia e rituais praticados no Antigo Egipto;- O misticismo sempre presente e a tensão resultante;- Relacionamento com personagens e factos históricos;- Um final que ajudou a salvar toda a obra.Pontos [...]

    This is the first book I've abandoned in a very long time but life is too short to read this dross. It's improbable, badly-written and just plain not worth your time. I wish I could get back the few hours I spent reading the damn thing in the first place. If this review can save someone from that fate then it will have been worth it. Avoid at all costs. How on earth it was ever published in the first place shows there are a lot of morons in the world.

    This book was a Secret Santa present from my Book Club, and I have to say it chose me well!It had everything I like: murder, mystery, intrigue, romance, interesting facts about ancient Egypt’s beliefs and enough information about the political situation in Egypt at the time of this story. The story was very well written with colourful characters. From the beginning you are not sure who is the real villain and if there was a murder, or maybe just an accident. I loved the detailed descriptions o [...]

    For the most part I enjoyed the book; I enjoyed the references throughout to Egyptian archaeology, the mysteries of the atrarium and also the socio-economics of the period in which the book is set (Sadat's era). The last few chapters were disappointing where the plot seemed to take an about turn and dived in the completely fantastical and the apparent 'plot twist' in the final chapter was just baffling. As other reviewers have said, those last couple of chapters or so seem to belong to a differe [...]

    First with the negative this did start to drag on. There was probably too many murder attempts (strange as that may seem) and it got a bit repetitive.Now with the good. THIS WAS BRILLIANT! I found the plot enthralling, the characters not only entirely believable but also incredibly relatable. The plot had enough mystery to make it alike to da vinci code etc, and yet it didnt go too far not to make it unrealistic. It helped that our main character/narator, didnt believe in the "voodoo" either. I [...]

    YUPIII!!Acabei!!!!Uffff!!!O mistério misterioso do astrário é interessante, mas a maneira como a história foi contada para mim foi massacrante, já ñ podia com tanta descriçãoO livro podia ter metade das páginas q chegava mto bem.Fez-me lembrar as novelas PT, engonham engonham e nos últimos capítulos toca a despachar!!É pena tinha potencial para ser algo mais!!:)

    I really wanted to like this book more than I did. Ancient Egypt, myths, mystery, a seemingly magical device - very tombraider / indiana jones. It sounded right up my street.'Fast paced and utterly gripping' claimed the review - well not for me it wasn't. I had to labour through this one and the only reason I finished was to find out where this was all going. And still not sure I understand. Not to be completely negative, here's what I did enjoy:*Barry was a great character. Was miffed he got ki [...]

    Perhaps a little bit more than another apocalyptic thriller because of the depth of scholarship and the sense of place.Here a young geophysicist finds himself in possession of an ancient Egyptian relic. Ostensibly a mechanical device to calculate astronomical events, people in Ancient Egypt and 1970s Egypt too believe it has powers over the weather and can even cause earthquakes. There is at least a very real fear that some people in Egypt would use it to sabotage the Egyptian -Israeli Peace Acc [...]

    It's been so long since I've read a Tobsha Learner novel and last year I happened to stumble among a good couple in one of my favourite second hand book stores and just picked them all up including a couple I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet which includes this one. Sphinx is a ride from beginning to end, set in Egypt in the seventies during tenuous political unrest, your protagonist is Oliver, a geophysicist and self proclaimed cynic. While his wife, Isabella, is a archaeologist and whos [...]

    An interesting book.When I read the blurb I thought wow this is right up my bookshelf but when I was resing it it lost the wow factor, but did not disappoint.The leading man, Oliver is character that has something that every reader could relate to and his wife Isabella is someone that everyone will have in their lives, these characters mixed with the culture and landscape of Egypt is a great match and the storyline incorporates modern life with Ancient times beautifully. The attention to detail [...]

    The only reason 'Sphinx' gets an extra star is because at least it wasn't a Christian conspiracy! What started as a promising story into Ancient Egyptian mysticism, a strange device and a skeptical protagonist quickly became quite tedious to read. I felt several parts could have been cut as they added nothing to the plot for starters. The epilogue really put the nail in the coffin, so to speak, as it entered full on ridiculous. What was good was that it got me reading on the side about ancient E [...]

    I loved this book! It was so fast to read, so absorbing which is great for a book in discount about which you had never heard and thought it would be okay.Isabella, an Italian archeoligist, is married with the English Oliver who seems to have a talent to discover oil. They live in Egypt but due to work in different places. Time is 1977, and we are in Alexandria.The life of Isabella, Oliver and many others will be influenced, controlled by a vey old artefact 'an astrarium'. Oliver isn't a believe [...]

    I first saw this book in a bookstore where it was on sale. Immediately I was drawn to it as I'm a big fan of Ancient Egypt and fantasy in books. But the first time I couldn't get past the first 70 pages. A few month later I picked it up again and this time I managed to finish it. The pacing was a bit slow for me and the main character a bit odd at times. But I still really enjoyed reading it. It had a nice flow and I like the way the author included fantasy. The plot twist at the end was a nice [...]

    This book is quite interesting. It tells some information about Egypt, its socio-cultural, political, as well as the economical situation in Sadat's era from a european point of view. It also offers some historical stories back from Pharaonic and Ptolemy period.I should be honest that I was lost and confused for the most part of the book, up until the last part when the main character started a fast-paced mission to return a skybox to its rightful place. Well, maybe it's just me, being bad at hi [...]

    Was undecided whether to give this book two stars or three, but as this is the first book I've read of the historical/adventure/mystery fiction genre, I've nothing to measure it against. The first thing I'd say is that its long, too long really. I was reading it on the kobo reading app, not realising that the physical paperback edition was 560 pages! I like fiction to be between 300 and 400 pages, but that's just personal preference. The good parts were very good, the not-so-good parts became a [...]

    Oh, the illogical things the main character does! "Trust no one" apparently means tell everyone you encounter, and carry it around with you everywhere you go, as you tell everyone your bloody real name and lead them to your bloody friends and family. I couldn't take it after the first 100 pages or so; skimmed the rest. Even that was too much.

    I found this book a real let down and only got half way through before giving up. The story just didn't seem to get going, and I lost interest and the will to keep on reading to the end. I don't like to leave a book unfinished, but I can't waste any more time on this when I have lots of other books waiting patiently on my bookshelf and Kindle. Very disappointed :-(

    Mysticism, Egypt (is it an omen? the day I started reading this book, the protest broke in Egypt!),Indiana Jones-type adventure, it should be a formula of a good book, but why it was so hard to read this book? I almost even decided to abandon the attempt! I found it burdened with a slow pace and basically the writing style is a bit boring.

    A very slow start, however did give a ambience of the setting and times, it did improve with time but even then didnt grip me in, a good story but certainly wasnt a page turner and definately not in the same class as her other novel The Map, that was a much better read altogether.

    I have always had a fascination with Egypt so I was drawn to this novel but was disappointed I struggled to finish it. Very good in parts but it lacked that special ingredient. worth a try if Egypt is your thing.

    Took a few chapters to get into, but once you got into it you couldnt put it down! Could get very attached to the characters and the historical facts throughout the story made for a very interesting read! :)

    An interesting journey through the politics of 1977 Egypt and the Gods and beliefs of the ancients. Wrapped around a story of oil exploration, archaeology, personal loss and adventure. A good read with plenty of background detail, and interesting characters.

    Much better than I had expected and two thirds of the book was great but I didn't care much for the ending and the shamanistic focus. All in all, not a bad read. I feel, as usual that 2 stars are too little a rating but three maybe too great.

    Seems to be written more like a screenplay with one eye on Hollywood than a novel. That said its a easy read romp of an Indiana Jones type adventure, but too many implausible 'escapes' for the main character Oliver.

    Interesting premise. Solving a Egyptian curse that lasts for centuries, and a man taking the journey into the underworld. The hero has to solve a lot of history and mystery before he can finally follow fate. It's sometimes confusing and hard to follow, but definitely worth the read.

    picked this up on an airport. thought it would be a suspenseful flight read like "Da Vinci Code". instead it put me to sleep. predictable, poorly written.

    Bra side-vendene sommerlektyre, blir gira på spennende historisk perspektiv og Indiana Jones-følelsen. Men slutten skuffer litt, forfatteren har trukket opp for mange linjer som skal samles.

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