The Three Bears

The Three Bears

The Three Bears This familiar nursery tale features a warmly appealing bear family and a naughty gap toothed Goldilocks

  • Title: The Three Bears
  • Author: Paul Galdone
  • ISBN: 9780899194011
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • This familiar nursery tale features a warmly appealing bear family and a naughty, gap toothed Goldilocks.

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    A classic fairy tale, this story recounts the interesting life of three bears, all of individual size and mannerisms. When they lay out their breakfast one morning and go for a stroll in the forest, a greedy little girl comes upon their abode and forgets all the manners she has been taught. Eating their food, breaking their chairs, and sleeping in their beds. When the bears return, they notice all the brouhaha and make a stink, only to spook the brat. Funny, they never see her again. Neo laughed [...]

    Summary:This is the story of three bears who have a little cottage in the woods with bowls, chairs and beds that are all the perfect size for them. One day they decide to go on a walk and let their porridge cool, leaving the house unlocked. A curious little girl finds their house and tries out their things, eating a whole bowl of porridge, breaking a chair and then falling asleep in the baby bears bed. The bears find the mess and eventually find the girl sleeping, but she was so scared, that she [...]

    The traditional folk tale of the three bears, this version is the one I grew up with. The story begins with the bears eating porridge and realizing it needs to cool off, so they take a walk. While they're out, Goldilocks decides to come in and make herself at home. The eats little wee bear's porridge, breaks his chair, and sleeps in his bed. When she wakes up and realizes the bears are home, she runs away. This would be a fun story to show comparisons, using a different version too. I like the t [...]

    I liked this take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it's the same as the typical story although Goldilocks just leaves and they never know what happens to her. However, I really enjoy the illustrations, I think it was a great representation of the story.

    I enjoyed reading this book! It is a great retelling of a classic children's story. It is perfect for grades K-2, because of the onomatopoeia's present within the story.

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    The classic story of the three little bears. This is a classic novel that nearly all children will recognize. This is a great way to talk about fairytales and sharing.

    Just straight up the classic story of the Three Little Bears. Kinda love Paul Galdone's books because what you you expect is always what you are getting.

    Folktale: Galdone, Paul (1972) The Three BearsMotif: Three animals talkingTarget Audience: Ages 2-8Setting: Takes place in the Bears house in the woods. Characters/plot/summary: The characters are Little Wee Bear, Middle-Sized Bear, Great Big Bear and Goldilocks. The three bears live in their house. They sleep, read and are going to eat their pooridge. However, it is to hot and they leave the house. When they return they find that something happened in their home while they were gone. They find [...]

    "The Three Bears" by Paul Galdone is part of the picture book collection. The age appropriate for this book is (P) primary ages 5 to 8 years old. In this story papa bear, mama bear and baby bear went out for a walk because their porridge was too hot to eat. A little girl named Goldilocks broke in and ate baby's bear porridge, slept in his bed and broke his chair. The three bears arrived back home and Goldilocks was caught red handed, so she ran outside to never be seen again. I rated this book w [...]

    1. Awards the book has received (if any): No Awards2. Appropriate grade level(s): Pre-K – 1st 3. Original 3-line summaryThree bears go for a walk together, but leave their house unlocked. A little girl named Goldilocks comes to the house, lets herself inside, and makes herself at home by trying some of the bears’ porridge, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds. When the bears return they find Goldilocks still sleeping in their beds, and when she awakes she immediately jumps out [...]

    The Three Bears by Paul Galdone is the classic tale refreshed with the illustratios of Galdone. The text generally keeps to the classic version with the main change being the the bears are differentiated by size and are not referred to as a family. Text size is varied according to which bear is speaking.The illustrations are simple and effective. There are fun touches such as the little bear always having his teddy bear nearby. Humor is added by showing the Great Big Bear reading a small sized b [...]

    LovelyBeautiful book for children and adults who appreciate good stuff. It made me feel like I was five years old again.

    The Three Bears by Paul Gardone is simply a classic. The tale of Goldilocks and her curiosity is one for the ages. The theme of this book is to be aware of how your own actions affects others.Goldilocks eventually realizes that by eating porridge that does not belong to her, and sitting in chairs that are not hers, and by sleeping in a bed that is not hers, her actions affect other people. The illustrations were simple yet amusing. I enjoyed how the author had little wee text for the little wee [...]

    The three bears go out for a walk to let their porridge cool when an unexpected visitor stops by. The bears come home to a huge mess and a stranger asleep in a bed.The classic tale of the three bears is told to many children either in preschool or by their parents. The lesson of not going into a person’s house unless invited is very clear in this book. This book shows a different looking Goldilocks than I read about. This little girl in the story is missing a tooth. Comparing the differences b [...]

    The Three Bears by Pual Galdone has a good usage of many different techniques such as the different font sizes when talking about the different sizes of the bear which adds a little effect to the bears sizes. The pictures also play a big role in showing the sizes of the objects and the bears. Overall the illustrations were really god but Goldilocks seems a bit creepy in many of the illustrations, with blacked out teeth and extremely big eyes that seem to have dark circles around them. The book f [...]

    An interesting start to this book is that it changes the three bears status as they are not a family, but just are three bears that live together. It is imply that the wee little bear is a child as he is carrying by one of the adult bears and has a teddy bear. The pictures are simplistic watercolors, and not many details are mentioned, which is part of the traditional literature roots. The portrayal of Goldilocks is consistent with a curious child as her eyes are huge and she has a mischievous g [...]

    For the classic children's stories, I love to go to Paul Galdone's books. His illustrations are charmingly old school and his telling of the age-old stories spot on.Ages: 4 -7**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to clean up your book before reading it! Visit my website: The Book Rad [...]

    this book was about three bears. there was a big baer, small bear, and a medium size bear. they would eat porridge for breakfast everyday. one day it was to hot for them so they went for a walk in the forest. When they came back they noticed someone had been eating it. they when up to there bed and say goldilocks. they chased her out of the house and never saw them agin. this book would be good to teach kids to not take what is not theres. the pictures in tis book where done with some type of pe [...]

    I remember reading this book as a child several times. The three bears is a classic story passed on from generation to generation. I have heard this story without a book even being present. I also like how the text is in different sizes depending on which bear is talking. I think this is a book that we will see around forever. Many children learn of the story before they are even able to read.

    This book told the traditional story of the three little bears. The story to me isn't something I've been too fond of but i do know it well. The only really cool aspect about this book was that the font changes from small to large depending on which bear was talking. The illustrations were fun and animated.

    Picture Book 6This classic story of the three bears and goldilocks is sure to be a hit with any child during story time. If the children already know the story, they will love following along and helping the teacher tell the story, and if they don't, the repetitive style of the story is sure to be popular amongst children!

    The illustrations are funky. The girl on page 10 is weird looking because of the shadowing on her face and she's missing some teeth. I wish the bears were a family instead of living in the same house.

    A traditional fairy tale that no child should miss, this story of the little girl who visits a cottage in the woods where she tastes the hot cereal, tries all of the chairs and the beds. She falls asleep in the smallest bed until the family of three bears returns to find her there.

    A classic story retold for younger children. The only thing I dislike in Galdone's version is how Goldilocks looks, which may seem scary for some kids. I used this for a bears-themed story time program for both Spanish and bilingual story times.

    Another good read by Paul Galdone, it follows his series focusing on learning lessons. The lesson to be learned in this book that students could put to use would be keeping your hands to yourselves or do not touch someone else's possessions.

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