Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 6

Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 6

oku The Inner Chambers Volume In this th Century Japan the Shogun is a womand the harem is full of men Reads R to L Japanese Style for audiences M

  • Title: Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 6
  • Author: Fumi Yoshinaga Akemi Wegmüller
  • ISBN: 9781421539614
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this 17th Century Japan the Shogun is a womand the harem is full of men.Reads R to L Japanese Style , for audiences M

    • ☆ Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 6 || æ PDF Read by ☆ Fumi Yoshinaga Akemi Wegmüller
      209 Fumi Yoshinaga Akemi Wegmüller
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 6 || æ PDF Read by ☆ Fumi Yoshinaga Akemi Wegmüller
      Posted by:Fumi Yoshinaga Akemi Wegmüller
      Published :2019-010-10T00:32:37+00:00

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    I continue to really enjoy this manga series set in 17th century Japan, where the Shogun is a woman, and the harem is filled with beautiful boys. There are so many characters in this series, that I sometimes have to remind myself who is who, and what would really help is a family/character tree in the appendix of each book, along with the excellent footnotes. The drama, intrigue, and scheming continue unabated in this volume, with some murder added in for extra flavoring. The art and story conti [...]

    nwhytevejournal/2037339ml[return][return]Yet another in the alternate history series where most Japanese men are wiped out by a mysterious plague, and a chosen few are secluded in the Loku as personal attendants and occasional lovers of the shMgun, who in this version of history is a woman, women having taken over all leadership positions in society.[return][return]This volume crystallised some of the problems I have with the series for me. Because it is set in the Inner Chambers, we basically h [...]

    Maemía, esta historia de los últimos días de la shogun Tsunayoshi, destruida por la rigidez y las expectativas de todo el sistema político-social que ella misma encarna, es lo más triste que he leído en mucho tiempo. Una historia, además, en la que Yoshinaga pone toda la carne emocional en el asador, de una forma que sólo se me ocurre definir como brutal, a pesar de su elegante, limpísimo y exquisito trazo. Y pensar que al principio me parecía una dibujante excesivamente fría

    + And so Tsunayoshi's rule as shogun comes to a close (argh, Tsunayoshi & Emonnosuke!). Kind of a pitiful end for a woman who, really, was a brilliant person constrained by the expectations and feelings of everyone around her.+++++ more Yoshimune! I really love her character and while I've enjoyed this epic flashback arc, following the Chronicle of a Dying Day, I really want to get back to her. Knowing what the real Yoshimune did during his rule, I'm curious to see how Yoshinaga will transla [...]

    I read Fumi Yoshinaga´s yaoi manga and I liked them. When I learn, that there is non yaoi work as well I had to read it. I was caught by the unique setting and tender story of love in the environment,where the traditional male and female roles are swapped. Tokugawa Japan was plagued with strange disease caller red pox, which was killing males and soon male was rare in all female society. Females slipped in to the male roles and males were kept for breeding purposes. Little jewels in a way. Ooku [...]

    Tsunayoshi is now old and must choose an heir to the shogunate. In deference to her father, she postpones making a decision, but eventually she picks Tsunatoyo (Ienobu) – a woman in her late thirties, who has already shown herself to be a good Lord and ruler. Tsunayoshi, having overstayed her welcome as shogun is finally put out of her misery when she is attacked in her bedchamber. Her dearest advisor finishes the job and Ienobu takes the throne. Although her experience serves her well, Ienobu [...]

    today i figured something out about myselfit's that i am hella predictable and a good 80% of all my favourite fictional relationships come down to queen/lionheart dynamicsthe queen believes in higher ideals and embodies them as best they can! the lionheart believes in their queen and will do whatever is necessary to protect them and bring them to power! yup, i'll take like one hundred of those, thanks(king/lionheart is also cool but we're dealing with ooku here so i feel using the general femini [...]

    I typically don't like multi-generational stories, and this is sort of repetitive in some respects of the kinds of intrigues we've seen before, and (I'm told) roughly parallels Japanese history from an "alt-history" perspective (what if women were in power, and had a harem like Ooku, etc), but it's also clearly a reflection on Japan and gender and power regardless of gender/sexuality…. I continue to like it in spite of the layers of nuanced historical reflection I don't quite understand comple [...]

    The stories continue to develop and more complex relationships between men, women and ruler and subject create very interesting plots and intrigues both in and out of the inner chambers.Each volume tackles some fairly serious subject matter, this volume including amongst it's pages incest, murder and rape. So, those who are looking for a light-hearted shojou manga should perhaps pass on this one. Those who are bored by the typical hi-jinx of such manga should check out this series.

    I like the story and the art. I dislike the translation--somehow the very forsoothly language just seems weird for Japan. I wish they weren't translating honorifics, because I'd get more out of knowing whether they're using san, dono, sama, or what. I wish there were recaps of the earlier books because it's difficult to remember the story details. I could read the real history but I don't know how much is different. Still, it's an enjoyable read.

    The art and world-building are impressive, but the Shakespearean-style translation keeps me at an emotional distance. (This may be a good thing, since this volume has some particularly disturbing/upsetting aspects.) The story also tended to jump back and forth in time, and a more natural chronological sequence would have made this installment easier to follow.

    This series continues to delight. I loved the opening stories, which included a highly satisfying love story. I thought the remaining stories would be less interesting, but I ended up caring about and thinking about the inner thoughts and feelings of all the characters in this volume. In addition, the art does a wonderful job of identifying individuals, even across many decades.

    I love this series! The characters, the dialogue, the court intrigue On top of that you have some fantastic art and storytelling! This is the sixth in a series, and I look forward to the future installments.

    This is such a fantastic series. Top-notch, really. Outstanding art, great story, characters you can't help but care for, SO MUCH tragic love (seriously). I love this.

    The first half is a bit boring, but the story picks up with Sakyo and Akifusa. Yoshinaga's strength is beginning new stories, but resolving story threads, no.

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