My Beating Teenage Heart

My Beating Teenage Heart

My Beating Teenage Heart Ashlyn Baptiste is falling One moment she was nothing no memories no self and then suddenly she s plummeting through a sea of stars Is she in a coma She doesn t remember dying and she has no memori

  • Title: My Beating Teenage Heart
  • Author: C.K. Kelly Martin
  • ISBN: 9780375868559
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ashlyn Baptiste is falling One moment she was nothing no memories, no self and then suddenly, she s plummeting through a sea of stars Is she in a coma She doesn t remember dying, and she has no memories of the life she left behind All she knows is that she s trapped in a consciousness without a body and she s spending every moment watching a stranger.Breckon Cody s onAshlyn Baptiste is falling One moment she was nothing no memories, no self and then suddenly, she s plummeting through a sea of stars Is she in a coma She doesn t remember dying, and she has no memories of the life she left behind All she knows is that she s trapped in a consciousness without a body and she s spending every moment watching a stranger.Breckon Cody s on the edge He s being ripped apart by grief so intense it literally hurts to breathe On the surface, Breckon is trying to hold it together for his family and his girlfriend, but underneath he s barely hanging on.Even though she didn t know him in life, Ashlyn sees Breckon s pain, and she s determined to find a way help him As her own distressing memories emerge from the darkness, she struggles to communicate with the boy who can t see her, but whose life is suddenly intertwined with hers In alternating voices of the main characters, My Beating Teenage Heart paints a devastatingly vivid picture of both the heartbreak and the promise of teenage life a life Ashlyn would do anything to recover and Breckon seems desperate to destroy and will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen, John Green, and David Levithan.

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      127 C.K. Kelly Martin
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    I’ve become picky with my contemporaries, in those I choose to read and in how I rate them. Contemporary fiction is my favourite of the wide variety of genres I read, and so you can imagine how dearly I hold the best of stories and how passionate I am about what goes on in these underrated books. Where I’m a tough sell for books in most genres, selling a book to me – both literately and figuratively – is even more daunting a task; “issue books” and “fluff” alike are two types of [...]

    This was a super tough read. Super. Tough. Yet, it was also incredibly good--particularly the last 20%. I think I'm having a hard time forming my thoughts around this one because it's not really what I expected from CK Kelly Martin. HmmmmmmC.K. Kelly Martin is one of my favorite "sleeper" young adult authors. It boggles my mind that her work is not more widely known. The Lighter Side of Life and Death is an outstanding example of authentic, engaging teen male point of view, while One Lonely Degr [...]

    I wanted to start off my review with '' READ IT '' but I don't want to look desperate and I gotta give myself a chance since I barely finished the book five minutes ago. My Beating Teenage Heart is the first book to get me to tears. Most importantly it contained elements I always wanted a book to have which sort of freaked me out in a good way. Stars for example. One of the protagonists lives among them and I always wanted to read something like that. C.K Kelly Martin's handwriting was so beauti [...]

    This is the kind of book you just have to believe in. Martin asks you to trust, and you have to, even though you think it feels like other things you've read. You think you know where it's going, but you don't. It's packed emotionally, and both Breckon and Ashlyn both have incredible voices. NOT a contemporary novel by definition, but it will appeal to contemporary fans since it's close enough. And that last chapter? It's a total tear fest. One you need to put down and just breathe through. Wow. [...]

    It was a really well written book, but some parts were really inappropriate. It was interesting to see both sides of the story and their grief. It showed the some of the different battles we face in life. Really interesting but mature.

    I had tears at the end of this book they were a mix of tears of happiness and tears of sadness for sure. This story is told from two different perspectives alternating about every other chapter. We're immediately introduced to Ashlyn. Though, she doesn't really know who she is at the moment, we do know that she is some sort of spirit form. "The first moment is utter darkness. The absence of thought, the absence of everything. An absence that stretches infinitely backwards and threatens to smothe [...]

    If I were to describe the atmosphere, tone and mood of this book in one colour, it would be gray. With plenty of time spent in introspection, flashbacks and ponderings in general, this books is nowhere near suffused with colour. That doesn’t make it bad; in fact, one could say the navel-gazing is necessary, as it provides the only counterbalance against the waves of negativity Breckon seems to produce automatically with his actions.Ah, Breckon. It’s not hard to see where he’s coming from, [...]

    I’ve read a few novels dealing with the themes of grief and loss, but C.K. Kelly Martin’s My Beating Teenage Heart stands out for its lovely prose and way of getting the reader engaged into the story.The book opens with a nameless being who simply exists among the stars before she's sucked back to the world of the living. Who is she? What has happened to her? Those answers will be revealed in time since Ashlyn is just as lost in the dark as the reader. Not a ghost but more like a consciousne [...]

    Initially, I wasn't very impressed with My Beating Teenage Heart. I didn't really care for the story or like the characters. What kept me reading was the emotion the author so successfully conveyed. I had tears in my eyes while reading.The story is about death and grief. Breckon lost his sister and is struggling. Ashlyn is in this weird in between state where she's watching Breckon and trying to learn more about who she is. Both characters go through a lot, but Breckon's story had me far more up [...]

    As other reviewers have noted, this is a sad book on many levels. The unremitting grief and guilt experienced by Breckon permeates every page. As the story of what happened to his sister Skylar (and Breckon's role in her death) unfolds, Breckon's emotional state becomes more and more precarious. As a mother, I was horrified by the tragedy that has befallen this family; this was truly a preventable accidental death that is doubly horrifying when the reader realizes how easily it could (and probab [...]

    “The first moment is utter darkness.” My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin is about a teenage boy who lives through a tough life. Breckon’s sister passed away when she was only seven. Ever since his loss his old friend Ashlyn is looking down at him. She doesn't remember dying, and she has no memories of the life she left behind, but she knows Breckon and watches his every move from heaven. Breckon doesn’t remember who Ashlyn is and can’t hear a word she says, but he can somet [...]

    The plot of My Beating Teenage Heart is hard to describe without giving too much away. It is told in first person through the eyes of two different characters. In the beginning, they are both unnamed, so I am going to leave them this wayI loved this book. LOVED itThe characters sucked me in and I needed to see them through to the end. One of my favorite things about the book was the healthy relationship the male character has with both his girlfriend and his best friend. He forgets their love at [...]

    I think this book was awesome but marketed all wrong. The cover and title give the impression of a love story, or maybe sappy vampire fiction. NOT what this novel is about. Even the quotes on the back are all about Ashlyn, whereas the greater part of the book is about Breckon. I think that guys could enjoy this novel but like so many YA books it’s packaged in a way that only appeals to girls.This book is not for tweens, or the squeamish. It involves the death of a child, grief, self-mutilation [...]

    MY BEATING TEENAGE HEART is a lyrical and highly emotional novel that I want to recommend to everyone! Seriously, the writing is absolutely gorgeous and characters each have their own heart-breaking stories that will bring tears to your eyes. The best part about the book is that you never know what to expect, what secrets will be revealed. Ashlyn is one of the most complex characters that I have ever read about. She is an absolute mystery from the beginning, and it takes awhile to grasp what she [...]

    I loved this book from start to finish, and really wasn't ready to let it go. The plot is simple enough that without great writing and characterization, it wouldn't have been the story it is. Yet C. K. Kelly Martin did a wonderful job creating Breckon's world and showcasing it through his and Ashlyn's alternating viewpoints.The story starts off with Ashlyn not knowing anything of her past, so we learn about her as she begins to recover her memories. As she isn't entirely certain about where she [...]

    I don't know why I always get sucked into these types of books when I really should be avoiding them. My fault for not reading the book jacket thoroughly. BUT, if you are someone who's presently grieving for a loved one who recently passed on, this is not the book for you. I found myself getting depressed reading about the male protagonist of this book who finds himself broken and not wanting to live on as he blames himself for the death of his little sister. Like I said, you don't find some lig [...]

    I don't really read books like this but the summary caught my attention. It was a good book. The descriptions of loss and suffering were well written and made me feel sympathy for the characters, Breckon and Ashlyn. I did love the dual point of perspectives through out the book. It was very interesting to see how an unbiased on looker would have seen the situation. For me it did slow down a little in the early middle with a bit of redundancy on how much Breckon was suffering. How Ashlyn's charac [...]

    What the hell? This is some seriously delusional shit, and not to mention creepy as hell. *shudders*

    DNF at 120 pages.I'm not quite sure how to explain why I dislike this book, except to say that it doesn't speak to me on any level. Breckon is a very flat character, without much real personality. This is probably because, throughout the sections of the novel I've read so far, he literally does nothing except angst. It's hard to get a sense of him when there's so little variety to his thoughts and actions. And I know that he's just lost someone, so yeah, he's gonna be sad a lot, but the way Mart [...]

    My Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3Great!*This book was provided by the lovely people at Random House, through their Bookurious site's Blog It Forward program. It's interesting having someone send a book to you, rather then simply picking one up from the bookstore yourself. It can be a very uplifting, or at times very awkward, experience. I had heard of My Beating Teenage Heart before I received it as part of Blog It Forward, it was even on my list. But truthfully, all by itself it's not likely t [...]

    "I am what people mean when they say 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust' and 'I'm so very sorry for your loss,' and I can't for one second, stop longing for my body, my life, Mom, Dad, Celeste, Garrett, my grandparents, the taste of orange ice cream on the tip of my tongue and every single person I have ever loved."Woah. I guess you could say this book was incredibly sad. I mean it deals with some heavy shit. Death, loss, grief, and self harm to startBUT for me it was a discovery. A story of hope and [...]

    Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin is everything that I love about reading Contemporary novels, even though technically, it isn't really ContemporaryThe book starts with a nameless, unknown narrator falling through the stars and landing just above a boy, who breathes grief. We know nothing about the narrator, but can't fault them, because our narrator knows nothing about who they are either. The past is revealed in [...]

    Originally reviewed here.Why I Read It: I received an unsolicited finished copy of this from Random House Canada. I had next to no idea what this book was actually about before I started reading it. I figured it had *something* to do with ghosts because I did know it was about a girl who died, but other than that, I knew zilch. Well, I have to say that this book defied many of my expectations.Okay, so, we have Ashlyn who slowly figures out that she's dead and that actually has no memory of when [...]

    Ever since I heard of this book I wanted to read it. The cover is just perfect, it calls for your attention, it singles itself out among others. Go to whatever bookstore you like and you'll know what I mean. Let me tell you, I have so much to do for college that I didn't knew if I was going to read it this year but the time felt right and I squeezed it between the gazillion thing I had to do and well, worthy it was. Even more than that.A story tell in two voices that at first is certainly confus [...]

    Death, loss. Grieving. The sad parts of life everyone must go through. Weather it is a parent, sibling or a not close relative, it is still a loss in your life. “Everyone grieves in their own way” a famous quote now known by all, yet some take it harder than others. Yet death is not just a once sided deal, but two. You have the person who died and who they left behind, but then you have the person who was the one that died. What happens to them? Some say you get born into another life, other [...]

    3.5 StarsMy Beating Teenage Heart is unlike any tale of death and the afterlife I've ever read. It is a surreal experience, an existential look at life and death and meaning. C. K. Kelly Martin's prose envelops readers, giving them a sometimes poetic and sometimes stark look at her characters' reality. This story transcends age. Though the title references teenagers, the pain the two protagonists experience is sympathetic to anyone who's ever lost a loved one, been abused, been bullied, struggle [...]

    4.5 starsIt's with these kind of stories why I fell in love with Young Adult books even more so in YA realistic fiction. The messages they try to give out is incredible; prepubescent and barely adolescent characters be the bearer of unfathomable potent emotions and imposing wisdom that could put your grave trouble to shame. My Beating Teenage Heart is anything but fun, happy, or romantic. While this book is about two teens that fell in the dark times of their lives, they were never that involved [...]

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