Fame The raw sexual beauty of Sabrina Leon demands the attention of all who come into contact with her Plucked from obscurity at the age of she s the new darling of the film scene bagging lead roles i

  • Title: Fame
  • Author: Tilly Bagshawe
  • ISBN: 9780007326525
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The raw, sexual beauty of Sabrina Leon demands the attention of all who come into contact with her Plucked from obscurity at the age of 17 she s the new darling of the film scene, bagging lead roles in the hottest blockbusters But Sabrina Leon has a problem There s a YouTube sensation that s set to destroy everything she s fought for.

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      403 Tilly Bagshawe
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    OMG- to borrow the words used by the heroine of my latest release, "I give Fame 5 overflowing, expensive champagne flutes!" I absolutely LOVED this book. It has been a very long time since I read a book that I thought about so often even when I wasn't reading. Fame centered around the movie industry and the players in Hollywood from directors competing for the Academy Awards for best director and best picture, to the young, beautiful, talented and troubled actors, to the jealous and insecure spo [...]

    Film directer and producer Dorian Rasmirez used most of his own money to finance his previous movie, which turned out to be a box office flop. His new film is a remake of Wuthering Heights and if he fails to make it a success his career will be over and he'll drown in his debts. So he needs great leads and stunning locations. Dorian's Heathcliff will be English actor Viorel Hudson. He's handsome and charming, but he has never played a lead role in a big budget film, so will he be able to pull it [...]

    This is my first Tilly Bagshawe book and I just loved it. It is a l-o-n-g book, which usually I don't like, but the characters and story is so interesting and engaging, I could barely put it down.Sabrina is a spoiled starlet; Vio is a handsome orphan raised by a ego-centric adoptive mother; Dorian is the "true believer" director of the film they star in. There is a lot of supporting cast and so many of those have their story to tell as well.While the beginning is a very bumpy ride, their is a ve [...]

    Que boa surpresa. Apesar de ser um calhamaço de quase 500 páginas, este romance chick-lit lê-se muito bem! Tem muitas personagens e várias histórias mas surpreendentemente tudo se interliga muito bem. Estava à espera de um romance exagerado, com personagens clichés e vazias mas este livro não tem nada disso, as personagens parecem bem reais e realmente a autora mostra o outro lado da vida dos famosos em Hollywood que não é tão perfeita como pensam. Gostei mesmo do livro. PS: Já tinha [...]

    when I read scandalous by tilly bagshawe I was pretty sure no book could be better than this one. It was thrilling, erotic and simply scandalous. and even though fame was not nearly as "erotic" as scandalous, I actually think it is even better. the plot line, the characters, all the twists and turns - simply amazing. it's almost impossible to put it down and it is NOT one of those books where you already know how the whole story will end after reading the first few pages. I'm excited to read a l [...]

    Interesting premise.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to invest myself in the story before I was bombarded by the worst kind of language.I really need to stop reading books written for adults.

    I can't say I'd actually recommend this book. The story itself was OK, and I didn't give up on it just because I had invested so much time that I wanted to see how it ended, but really I wouldn't have wasted my time had I known. I found the language and the overly descriptive sex scenes a bit over the top and unnecessary to the plot. But then again, although I'm getting old, my imagination still works well enough that I don't need all that crap to get the picture. So, if I were you I'd pass this [...]

    AddictiveThere are HEA s but who with whom??? Really, it was one circuitous route after another to get there. As for heroes, flawed, wounded imperfect heroes abound. I don't give many 5 stars and can't believe I'm doing so with such a 'different' book. Those routes were hard pills to sWallow at times. However, it was quite difficult, at times impossible to put down my kindle. I was up most of the night listening and then again as soon as I awoke. That makes it deserving of those 5 stars I think. [...]

    This was one step heavier than fluff and fairly enjoyable. It gets oddly explicit a few times; I'm not opposed to that when it fits well with the story, but these scenes had no real purpose. Kind of jarring, just because they had a totally different tone from the rest of the book.

    I love love love Tilly Bagshawe's writing!! She's an amazing author. Her stories are thorough, complex, detailed, and simply great. This book, Fame, was simply wonderful. Thank you Tilly for yet again another great story!

    A nice enough diversionary read. A little explicit at times. I didn't leave with any investment in the characters or any lingering interest. It was fun for the moment, nothing more or less.

    The raw, sexual beauty of Sabrina Leon demands the attention of all who come into contact with her. Plucked from obscurity at the age of seventeen she’s the new darling of the film scene, bagging lead roles in the hottest blockbusters. But Sabrina Leon has a problem. There’s a youtube sensation on the web that’s set to destroy everything she’s fought for… Hotshot movie producer Dorian Razmirez has struggles of his own. A bitter feud with rival producer and playboy, Harry Greene, has re [...]

    Candy floss sure but deliciously written with devilish humor and offering a sneak peak into a world few experience. This book actually got me to read Wuthering Heights (finally) as the umpteenth pop reference of the weighty novel throughout my literary journey. I really enjoyed reading this book and will look into more of Ms Bagshawe's writing. Xx

    I finished this and felt sure that I'd read it before. Not sure if that's true or if it's just the same story again, but it wasn't my favorite of hers anyway. I didn't like any of the characters and I felt like it was just too far fetched at the end, even for a suspend reality trashy fun type book.

    Not quite predictableSome parts are, but not all. The characters are engaging. Even though the idea is centered on Wuthering Heights, it's not actually about the book/movie. It was a whole different take and just as enjoyable.

    Reviewed by: Crystal BBook provided by: provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the Book: Fame is the first work I have read by Tilly Bagshawe, I always enjoy finding new authors. I enjoyed reading this book that basically felt like a behind the scenes look into a movie production. The story starts with Dorian Rasmirez finding the actors to work on his newest project. The story takes us all the way from the beginning of the movie until after they have finished t [...]

    The first Tilly Bagshawe book I read was her last release entitled Scandalous. As a lover of all chick lit type/bonkbuster books it was right up my street. I have to be honest and say that I was really looking forward to this latest release and was excited to receive it a few days ago.At 560 pages it looked an average size book and the cover had a rather slender and glamorous woman posing on a sun lounger, it looked like just my kind of book. Thankfully as soon as you start reading you are drawn [...]

    Achei o livro muito interessante, pois ele não tem apenas uma história principal ou um herói ou uma menina inocente apaixonada. São várias histórias, com personagens independentes e que de uma maneira ou de outra acabam se relacionando e todas essas histórias se tornam uma só (argh.icado de explicar).Os personagens são bem diferentes uns dos outros. Eles vivem realidades diferentes e possuem opiniões diferentes e isso acaba gerando um cenário muito interessante com direito a brigas, p [...]

    Put together an actress, Sabrina, straight out of rehab and a director, Dorian, who is broke and you get the novel Fame.Sabrina is straight out of rehab and knows that she is on Hollywood’s blacklist. But she is given one last chance by getting the part of Cathy in the remake of Wuthering Heights. She must get over herself and her better than everyone else attitude.The part of Heathcliff is played by Viorel. He is sexy arrogant actor. The chemistry between Sabrina and Vio is sizzling and exact [...]

    I started this book with high hopes, I have loved her previous books Showdown, Do Not Disturb and Scandalous. However this book just didnt reach the standard of her previous work.Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it although I am at odds to why I did like it.I didn't particularly like any of the main characters, they all started off likeable even though they all have faultsever their characters disintregated into selfish and annoying and then unrealistic in the end.I suppose out of all of them [...]

    I am a new reader of Tilly Bagshawe, and as always, when I'm reading a write for the first time I am very sceptic. Amd I always compare, in this case to Jackie Collins, but I think there is not a lot to compare, although both of the ladies are writing about Hollywood. At the beginning I thought I won't get into this book: Romania, orphans, and that all of the characters were connected somehow with these things, it was strange to me and not too possible. But the further I read the more interested [...]

    2.5 Stars The story was finetypical bonkbuster fare. The problem is the complete lack of editorial oversight. There were so many sloppy errors in this book. One of my pet peeves is when British or Irish writers have American characters speak or think in British or Irish speech patterns. That happens throughout this book in most irritating fashion. An American woman in her early 20s says "we all wanted to top ourselves." That is pure 100% British slang. 95% of Americans think. "top ourselves" mea [...]

    Sabrina Leon is a train wreck of a movie star; having accidentally made a racial slur against one of Hollywood's biggest directors. Combined with a drink, drug and attitude problem, no one wants to give her the time of day. Viorel Hudson had a rags-to-riches climb to fame and being offered 5.5 million big ones to star in the remake of Wuthering Heights is his big break. Dorian Rasmirez is the respected director facing financial and marital ruin but puts his heart and soul into every goal he has. [...]

    dorian is a top producer and is filming a remake of wuthering heights. h/e money is a serious problem as his wife loves to spend it and he has a roumanian castle to upkeep sabrina is cast as cathy. she is a striking beauty but fights huge insecurities and when a you tube sensation runs rife on the web she is no longer in favour and no-one will touch her . she does this job for nothing viorel is a very handsome top actor who is cast as heathcliff at 5.5 million - he is made. but is he ready for t [...]

    It's a nice novel.The Author introduced many characters in the beginning of the story that quite confused me. I don’t even know who the lead character is since I did not read the summary at the back of the book. I thought at the beginning that the main character is Sabrina since she was the first one introduced but after a while her character appear and disappear throughout the story that leads me believed that she’s not really the lead character. After I finished reading the story I conclud [...]

    Different. Probably not something I would have picked on my own, but enjoyed it. Alot of different characters with different lives and personal demons, all being thrown together over the course of making a movie. Interesting look into the Hollywood life and what fame can do to a person. Makes you stop and think about how you never really know what is going on behind the scenes in a persons life, even when everything looks glamorous on the outside. A story about love, betrayal, fame, greed, succe [...]

    This is the second novel I've read by Tilly Bagshawe (the first was Scandalous) and I have to say that I really enjoy her novels. I cannot articulate her particular writing style, but her books are always robust and well thought out. I feel like I've been through the wringer when I finally put it down. If you like strong characters and complex personalities then Bagshawe's novels are the ones for you.

    I chose this book for an easy read whilst on aholiday with some friends, and it didn't disappoint. I have read a couple of Tilly Bagshawe's books after reading Louise Bagshawe, but this seemed well written for the genre, hence my giving it four rather than three stars.It had plenty of likeable characters and a good plot to bring them all together. There weren't any surprising twists at the end, but overall I enjoyed the read and would recommend it as an enjoyable holiday / chick lit book.

    Not the usual chick-lit. I wouldn't compare the Bagshawe's sisters because both have their own distinct style and tone in writing. Presented with the perspective of the main characters in a smooth flow, it makes reading Fame more effortless than a one-flow narrating. While the first 10 chapters or so begins predictable, a few plot twists in the chapters leading to the epilogue is much appreciated. All in all, it is definitely a good book for those seeking for a thrilling romance fiction.

    I trudged through a lot of characters until almost half the book and then everyone seemed to be interacting with each other with a defined plot line. I hated Crissy and thought Harry was mental maniac. Vio was a stud but flakey. I felt the chemistry with Sabrina but understood that situation. The last 25 pages were weirdke that could happen. Trish was the strong sensible gal mostly. So it felt hurried. One star off for that.

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