Zomblog II

Zomblog II

Zomblog II Meredith Gainey is a survivord determined to retain that status as the zombie apocalypse wipes out most of humanity Unable to accept an existence behind walls and fences she finds herself in constant

  • Title: Zomblog II
  • Author: T.W. Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meredith Gainey is a survivord determined to retain that status as the zombie apocalypse wipes out most of humanity Unable to accept an existence behind walls and fences, she finds herself in constant dangerd she wouldn t have it any other way.

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    I realize I never wrote a review of this story when I read it (but managed to do so for the first and 3rd books in the series). I can't believe it! I loved this story. I think this was my favorite of the series. I LOVE Meredith and really like who she is as a character. Love what she's done, how she's developed. Love the story line. I LOVED this series.

    Nothing new in the world of zombie books but this short and journaled approach made for a entertaining read. Humorous, sad, and enlightening.

    The story is well told and the characters are so well formed I feel as if I know them. There were some things about the protagonist that I just couldn't understand. I thought she was selfish and egotistical. But, we all know people like that, I'm sure. Even with these questionable traits she sometimes did something so selfless and considerate I was surprised and pleased. This, the second in series, has plenty of action and a great deal of violence. I like it well enough and plan to read book 3 s [...]

    Today’s review is by one of my favorite authors, TW Brown. It is the second book is his Zomblog Trilogy: Zomblog II. I started reading this series a while back, and I finished it in three days. I have reviewed the first book in the trilogy, and you can read what I thought in this post: nicolestorey.wordpress/201Brown developed a character in this book that was very different from the usual. Instead of having “good people” and “bad people” – ones that I usually love or hate with a pas [...]

    Zomblog II slides the reader into the story started with Zomblog with ease, with a second character having taken up the challenge to provide a journal about the ongoing zombie apocalypse. Meredith, who actually became the narrator perhaps halfway through the first book, continues to tell of her experiences as she moves from place to place and meets new survivors along the way, while trying her best to keep those she cares about alive. I thought the way the author shifted perspectives was quite c [...]

    Zomblog II follows off nicely from the ending of Zomblog. We are reunited with Meredith and friends, and continue to share in their adventures as they journey across the country. The thing that sets this novel (and its predecessor) apart from the standard Zombie fare, is now that the zombies have arrived, they are no longer the only threat. After more than a year on the run, dodging the undead, small communities have been formed. Armored fortresses offer sanctuary to many. We visit several of th [...]

    A few weeks ago I read the first book in this series, Zomblog, and it wasn't really my thing. I didn't connect with the main character and it was a little lacking in direction. But I decided to try the second book - the POV changes between books and I did like the new narrator, so what was there to lose?With that new POV came a new perspective (duh), but also more direction. Meredith is a tough cookie - at times almost too tough, but it's the zombie apocalypse - puppies and flowers aren't really [...]

    Not a bad journal-style rendition of a group of survivors making their way to suspected safety during the zombie apocalypse. Book one started out with a male journal writer and narrator, but when he came to an unexpected end the journal was passed on to one of the females in the group, Meredith. The female narrator doesn't have the same impact as the male, but it's not bad enough to completely put me off. Much to do over Meredith having her baby. She didn't want to stay in one place raising a ba [...]

    I love the way TW Brown writes zombies are my current (and long term) love. His characters are believable as they have some dramatic and plausible faults! and it is a work of fiction (we hope!) some literary licence in how we heal, mental and physical, has to be given.It is an unusual style, with it being a diary type/1st person style but the switching between characters allows for differing points of view without forsaking the style.Meredith is my kind of girl, yes she is self centered but so s [...]

    I started reading this story last night around 11 p.m. I didn't put it down until 3 a.m. when I finished it. I kept telling myself I'd stop, and then get sucked back in. Meredith is a character you just love to hate. She's cold, ruthless, and sees losses as casualties of war- but isn't that the case anyway? You may hate her for her cold praticality, but that's life in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Even motherhood is nothing but a hinderance, but though her decisions are cold ones, they are [...]

    The Journal lives on! Zomblog 2 switches hands and is told from a different perspective, Meredith. Even though she doesn't care for the journal she continues to document her travels. After a while she sees there is some merit to recording her thoughts and actions in this new world. Mr. Brown writes a compelling story that grips you from beginning to the end. It scares you, makes you laugh, and above all makes you wonder.would it really come to this? I would highly recommend this book to any acti [...]

    Excellent follow-up to "Zomblog," this is the ultimate "road trip" kind of story. Except of course, for the zombies. T.W. Brown puts his own unique twists on zombie lore, and I really liked the protagonist, Meredith. Although many of the other characters don't get enough "screen time" to be memorable, Meredith comes fully alive, and I found myself rooting for her even when she was doing something that would cut into her lifespan. Again, I couldn't put this one down, raced right through it and in [...]

    "If the living people worked against the dead peopleI bet we'd be doing lots better."An excellent continuation of the story begun in Zomblog. Once more we are exposed to the depravity of the human race, when stripped of the rules we have constructed to pretend that we are in fact more than our basest instincts. In many ways the zombies are a way to communicate this message, rather than the story itself, and that is what makes the Zomblog series one worth reading.

    This was the second book in this series. I got it, along with the first one, for free. I enjoyed the first book, but didn't immediately get the second one as I had plenty to read. This book was good as well. There were slow parts and the action, while good, was limited. The story is read as a diary which is a good way to tell the story of the zombie apocalypse. When and if the next book becomes available for free I will probably download and read it.

    i am liking these books, not realy what i expected, but also much better than i expected. I have to disagree with some of the reviews that i have read. This is pretty realistic, or could see a movie made out of it too. they are fun, fast, action-filled, snarky and dry humor, and gory, as a good zombie book should be. A lot of ppl seem to not like Meredith, but i thnk she's pretty coolking it looking forward to more in series!

    Not as good as the first book. The cannibalism group was over the top and gory/macabre. If you've read the first then read this one to have the story come full-circle in its travels, but I found the 'reunion' with the early characters in the first blog a bit lacking. This feels a bit rushed and not polished.

    Still nothing really new for the genre. The main character still continues to drive me insane. At this point I have to read the next book just to see if and how she dies. She has such a huge death wish she just has to. Plus, she seems to bring death to everyone around her. I still cannot recommend this series to anyone.

    I loved this book. the 2nd journalto an apocalyptic outbbreak of zombies taking over the word. Meredith who is pregnant cant seem to settle down. she is on a mission to move aroundt sure what she is looking fore just knows that she has to be out in the world. feel like she is really living. out with the zombies.

    Now THIS is the TW Brown who wrote the Dead series. Great narrative, believable plot, creative story lines. I guess Zomblog I was just an outlier. Meredith, the protagonist, is is still the miserable, selfish, inconsiderate witch From Book I, otherwise this would be a five-star effort. Hard to cheer fro a character you don't like.

    Great sequel. Meredith is a character you love to hate but can't help but love. She is tough but careless sometimes. Although you may not agree with her she does what she needs to to survive. Ready to see what the final chapter has in store.

    As usual TW Brown doesn't disappoint. I love the zombie world he's created. I hope he continues to expand on it for years to come! The characters aren't as fleshed out as in The Dead series but still very enjoyable.

    A great follow up from the first story. I love the way the story is written, and the action is just intoxicating! I can't seem to get enough, and have started on the 3rd installment of this story. I can't wait to see how this ends for Meredith!

    The lady is really starting to irritate me And the book is starting to remind me of the first zombie book I ever read, which I also found irritating. Here's hoping the third book will turn this ship around.

    Just as awesome as tthe first Zomblog. Totally recommending this series to anyone who loves Zombies, suspense and all around good times. It's been a year since the walking dead first surfaced and now Meredith is in control of the 'blog' as she makes her way. A must MUST read if you enjoyes Zomblog!

    I found this book to be a better read than book one. Flew right thru it & found myself more engaged in the story.

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